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AnimeFest is a convention for fans of anime, manga, games and other forms of pop-culture. We are a charity organization which relies on membership fees from members to host our annual event.

AnimeFest 2018 will be held from Friday, August 17th through Monday, August 20th at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. We are expecting around 11,000 fans in attendance. Head to the Programming page to see all the activities going on. The schedule of events has been published.

We will be streaming live all day at AnimeFest Photo Video and have our earlier videos up and available as well. See the performance of the Anime Orchestra Ensemble Live at 8pm Saturday, and our Cosplay live at 7pm Sunday.

The winners for the 2018 AMV Contest can be found on the AnimeFest TV Youtube Channel. All finalists, and video from past years can be found on our channel as well.

Highlights from last year:

The first time I ever went I had a blast and I can't wait to go again! This year I'm taking my little sister with me and we're planning our cosplays already! I had so much fun and made a lot of friends!
--Victoria Kathryn Champagne

I've been both a vendor and now a panelist at A-Fest. I think this is one of the best run cons I've ever been a part off. Great staff, wonderful fans. Thumbs up all around.
--Drew Edwards

Just wanted to say, I have been to a few cons in my days. I've been to AFEST, AKON, Comic CON, and a couple others. AFEST is definetly the best one I've been to. My friends and I all agree, and this year even decided that we weren't going to AKON and we were going to AFEST. I'll definetly be there this year, and many more years to come. Best con I've ever attended.
--Matt Stufflebeam

Organizations appearing at AnimeFest

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