AnimeFest 2023 Sheraton Dallas Hotel July 28th – 31st 2023 Dallas, TX

Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Friday, July 28 through Monday, July 31st

We are entirely supported by our membership fees and the efforts of volunteers. Membership is available for each calendar year and entitles you admission to all of our events during that calendar year and more...

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Mailed badges! Members who register by June 1st may request to have their badge mailed to them. This is optional and must be requested using our online form by June 23rd. Mailed badge requests will be mailed out on June 26th. For more information go here

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How is AnimeFest Different?

Non-Profit Charity
We are run by a 501c3 non-profit charity with a mission to educate the public about world pop-culture. The event is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We all have day jobs and do this in our spare time to help expand our mission.

Mailed Badges
If you register early and opt-in, we can mail you your badge before the convention. This can save you considerable time when you arrive at the convention. You can get to the fun right away.

We are very selective of our volunteers and take quite a bit of time to train them on how to do their jobs. We emphasize the importance of care and compassion of our members. We do public data (violent-crime/sex offender) checks on all volunteers to better protect our members.

We have been running events since the early 1990s. This has given us a lot of time to refine our procedures and policies. Event management is a stressful job and experience is the key to running enjoyable events. We take member feedback seriously and strive to improve year after year.

We utilize the latest technologies to ensure that members have the information and support they need. This includes our mobile-first website, mobile app, NFC badges, digital signage, personalized badges, and self-registration kiosks.

Interested in a community table? Reach out to us at