AnimeFest 2021 Animefest Virtual Celebration July 31st 2021

It is with heavy hearts we announce the cancellation of the in-person AnimeFest / GameFest 2021 Event scheduled from July 30 - August 2, 2021 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. This decision did not come lightly as we discussed the many concerns, some of which included traveling for members and guests alike as well as the ability to properly social distance and adhere to recommended guidelines in our space while still delivering a fun and exciting convention experience. We hold the safety of our guests, members, and volunteers in the highest regard.

While we know this is not the news you want to hear we are working with our hotel to see if we can arrange an event later this year.

In the meantime, we hope you will join us July 31st 2021 streaming on Twitch for a day of celebration and fun with some of your favorite guests and panel content. This AnimeFest Virtual Celebration will be free for all, but we will be accepting donations to help keep AnimeFest going for the years to come. Thank you all for your patience and understanding while we navigate this year.

How is AnimeFest Different?

Non-Profit Charity
We are run by a 501c3 non-profit charity with a mission to educate the public about world pop-culture. The event is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We all have days jobs and do this in our spare time to help expand our mission.

Four Day Event
Most conventions are 3-day events from Friday through Sunday. AnimeFest runs from Friday through Monday. This gives us an additional evening for main events and a lot more time for activities.

Mailed Badges
If you register early and opt-in we can mail you your badge before the convention. This can save you considerable time when you arrive at the convention. You can get to the fun right away.

We are very selective of our volunteers and take quite a bit of time to train them on how to do their jobs. We emphasise the importance of care and compassion of our members. We do public data (violent-crime/sex offender) checks on all volunteers to better protect our members.

We have been running events since the early 1990s. This has given us a lot of time to refine our procedures and policies. Event management is a stressful job and experience is the key to running enjoyable events. We take member feedback seriously and strive to improve year after year.

We utilize the latest technologies to ensure that members have the information and support they need. This includes our new mobile-first website, mobile app, NFC badges, digital signage, personalized badges, and self-registration kiosks.

Community and Volunteering

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The first time I ever went I had a blast and I can't wait to go again! This year I'm taking my little sister with me and we're planning our cosplays already! I had so much fun and made a lot of friends!
--Victoria Kathryn Champagne

I've been both a vendor and now a panelist at A-Fest. I think this is one of the best run cons I've ever been a part off. Great staff, wonderful fans. Thumbs up all around.
--Drew Edwards

Just wanted to say, I have been to a few cons in my days. I've been to AFEST, AKON, Comic CON, and a couple others. AFEST is definetly the best one I've been to. My friends and I all agree, and this year even decided that we weren't going to AKON and we were going to AFEST. I'll definitely [sic] be there this year, and many more years to come. Best con I've ever attended.
--Matt Stufflebeam