AnimeFest 2019 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 16th-19th, 2019 Dallas, TX

Autograph Etiquette

In an effort to make the Autograph Sessions a more pleasant experience for everyone, we have compiled a list of AnimeFest autograph etiquette guidelines and tips.

What can be signed?
Some guests may not be able to autograph certain items for a variety of reasons. The reason may be because the item is not official merchandise, it might be because the guest did not participate on that particular episode or show, or they may just not feel comfortable signing it. While explanations may or may not be provided, we kindly ask that you respect the guests’ wishes if you are told that your item cannot be autographed. Typical items that can be signed are AnimeFest provided commemorative postcards, limited edition prints and posters, CDs, DVDs, BDs, Art Books, AnimeFest Program Book, AnimeFest member badge, and other official 2D merchandise. Additionally, bags, clothing, scrolls, and other fabric items can typically be signed as long as the item is not currently being worn, and can be placed on the table in a flat position.

No Photography
To allow our Guests to sign for as many fans as possible, photography, videography, or other recording of the event is generally prohibited. Requesting photographs, even if it is just of the guest doing the actual signing and not posing, slows down the line. This in turn impacts everyone else who is still waiting their turn. Please refrain from photography.

Item Limits
There may be a limit of 1 item per turn in line depending on the session. Staff will announce and remind those in line of the limit for each session. There may be times the limit needs to be adjusted mid-session in order to better accommodate the number of people in line. You may re-enter the line if you choose to, however, there is no guarantee the line will progress enough to allow for a second turn.

Please also pay attention to any specific instructions provided by the staff during Autograph sessions. For example, following instructions on how best to prepare your materials will make it easier for the guest to sign your item, keeping the line moving smoothly. Things like turning the item to be signed around so it faces the correct direction from the guest's perspective, removing any discs or disc covers from cases in advance, opening books to the page you want signed, and so on are just some examples. If you wish to have your item personalized, please have the name spelled out printed in clear block letters on a piece of paper. Staff will assist with helping you place your personal items in a basket so that you may approach the autograph tables unencumbered with non-essential materials.

Guests enjoying conversing with fans during Autograph sessions. That being said, please try to keep your comments positive, punctual and polite and keep in mind those waiting behind you. Our goal is to try to allow as many fans as possible to meet the guests up close and receive an autograph in the limited window of time allocated. If a conversation seems to be carrying on a bit too long, staff may ask you to continue down the line. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Presenting Gifts
If you have a gift you wish to present a guest, please first inform the Guest Relations staff. Some guests may not be able to receive gifts, or may not be able to open the gift in front of you. Please note that for the safety of our guests, guests are unable to accept any food or drink items. Nonetheless, be assured they are very thankful for your kindness and generosity.

Left standing?
AnimeFest staff may attempt to cap lines to help manage the timing and help our members avoid waiting in a line that is too long. Even so, in rare cases, an autograph session may need to end before everyone in line has had an opportunity to receive an autograph. AnimeFest tries to work with the Guests in advance to prepare a small amount of pre-signed items that can be given to those who waited in line but were unable to get an autograph. We ask for your understanding and cooperation on these matters.

Following these guidelines will help keep the line moving smoothly and enhance everyone’s experience.