AnimeFest 2023 AnimeFest Convention July 28th – 31st 2023 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
AnimeFest 2023 Convention Open Positions

Manager Positions

  • Tech/IT Manager - Tech (IT) staff is responsible for computer and networking support, including testing and upgrades, wireless networking configuration, cabling, switching, and peripheral setup. Being in this group will involve pre-convention work at the AnimeFest clubhouse in Highland Village, TX. Setup at the convention before the start of the con, as well as tear down work after the con, is also necessary along with onsite support during the convention itself. Must be familiar with Windows and Windows-based systems, and willling to learn about Linux based systems.

  • Social Media Manager - Social media department is in charge of answering questions, comments, and concerns during the convention while underneath the Social Media Manager. Volunteers may be asked to handle moderating our Discord server, watching our Instagram tags and comments, sharing push updates through our app and other channels, and more throughout the convention weekend. Your position may require you to stay in the social media office during your shift or it may require you to travel around the convention floor. Volunteers are required to have basic knowledge of social media and a reliable form of communication.
If you are interested in one of the available manager positions, please complete this form.

We will be accepting volunteers for all departments starting April 20, 2023 till May 6th.