AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
AnimeFest will host a dance party each night of the convention.

What that means - good music, fun people, and partying into the wee hours. There will be a different DJ for each night's event. Bag check will be available for any items you may wish to check. We would like everyone to have fun, so please observe the following rules:

  1. An active AnimeFest badge or wristband is required to enter the dance.

  2. Members entering the dance are subject to voluntary searches for contraband (weapons, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances). Members may refuse the search, but will not be permitted into the dance.

  3. Please do not throw items during the dance. Airborne items will be confiscated and tagged, to be retrieved from Lost and Found at the end of the convention. If you are seen throwing an item, you will be asked to leave the dance and not permitted to return that evening.

  4. No beverages are allowed in the dance. Water stations are located directly outside the dance room, and will be kept full to help you stay hydrated.

  5. You will not be allowed to bring a bag into the dance. Please utilize our onsite bag check. All you need is yourself, your costume and your dancing shoes!

  6. Hand-held glow sticks and hoops will be allowed in the dance, and will have a designated area for performance.

  7. Glow sticks on strings will NOT be allowed.

  8. No large props will be allowed other than the hand-held glow sticks and hoops in the designated area.

  9. Dress code rules apply. If you have questions regarding your attire, please ask a staff member.

  10. Please secure your own belongings. AnimeFest is not responsible for any items lost during the dance. Be sure to utilize our bag check!

  11. The stage and all equipment are property of AnimeFest and for use by authorized staff only. Authorized staff will be designated by AnimeFest directors.

  12. Rules are subject to change. Onsite rules shall supersede any rules in our program book