World Fandom August 12th 2022
Transferring Membership
If you notify us at we can transfer your membership to someone else. For security reasons the email must come from the email address on record for the account, the membership is currently on. Also please note that we cannot transfer a badge once it has been printed and activated, which includes badges that have been mailed.

The Deadline to transfer a membership is July 15th, 2022

The email needs to include all of the following, or the transfer will not be processed.

The transferring member's:
Name (first and last):
Member ID number:
Invoice number:

The receiving member's:
Name (first and last):
Badge name:
Email address:
Member ID number:

To find the member ID number:
1) Log into the account
2) Located on the upper right next to your avatar picture will be your username
3) Under the username is your member ID number