AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Werewolves of the Dark Ages
GM:Byron B.
  1. Shiella L.
  2. Kenneth M.
  3. Allyson D.
  4. Andrew H.
  5. eloise a.
  6. Aaron R.
  7. Traci s.

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AnimeFest 2018
Thursday 7:00PM for 5h in BG1
Werewolf (the genre) is a social game ideally played by large groups of people. It is originally based on a game known as Mafia. In this game, the Villagers must discover the identity of the Werewolves before they are all killed. Every night, the Werewolves form a hunting pack to kill a single unlucky victim. When the sun rises, the hysterical Villagers pick someone to lynch. During the daytime phase of the game, the Werewolves pretend to be Villagers, or can even pretend to be the Seer, the one special Villager who can identify the Werewolves at night. Players are allowed to and encouraged to bluff, lie, and misdirect in order to win the game.
If the Villagers lynch all of the Werewolves, they win the game. If the number of Werewolves becomes equal to or greater than the number of all other remaining villagers, the Werewolves overpower them and win the game.
This is a custom version that includes a wide range of special roles beyond just the Seer. There are over 30 different roles to pick from. The suggested minimum number of players is 10, including the Town Mayor (GM), but it can go up to 30 people in one game.