AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
CosDesign 201: Cosplay Making for Experienced Cosplayers
Hands-on Workshop COSPLAY
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AnimeFest 2018
Saturday 3:00PM for 2h in W3
Come join experienced cosplayer and designer Voidfish Cos for an informative panel on cosplay design, planning, patterning, “frankenstein-ing,” and advanced sewing techniques. This panel will go over the more advanced side of designing your own costumes/cosplays, how to use, draft, and combine patterns, how to alter patterns, how to chose fabrics and trims that best suit your cosplay, and how to sew difficult things/with difficult fabrics. This panel is great for novice and experienced cosplayers as well as fun and informative for new/future cosplayers.
Voidfish Cos
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