AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
AnimeFest 2019
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AnimeFest 2018
Sunday 5:00PM for 1h in W3
Join the AnimeFest 2019 leadership team to hear ideas and give suggestions for the future direction of the convention.
Robert Jenks
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of AnimeFest. One of the father's of fansubbing in the late 1980's by writing and distributing TurboTitle software for the Amiga home computer. Currently working as a Sr Software Engineer at Texas Instruments writing software for the TI-84 Plus and Ti-Nspire graphing calculators. Eccentric anime fan, gardener, woodworker, stock investor, and chicken keeper with dreams of launching a high altitude balloon while playing a ukulele.
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