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Dub Talk: Who Are They? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!
Q&A Session Age 18+ ANIME
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AnimeFest 2018
Sunday 11:00PM for 1h in P3
The Dub Talk podcast is a group of nerds who gather together and talk about the latest and greatest in anime English dubs! Consisting of thirteen regular hosts, the crew has discussed a variety of English dubbed series, from the all time classics to the latest SimulDubs. Come spend an hour with us and ask us anything, whether it be about a series you like or where we are making our “bad decisions” at AnimeFest. We are at your mercy, so bring your sauciest questions and get ready to watch us fill our swear jar!
Stephanie Getche
Creator, host, and editor of the Dub Talk podcast. Where friends get together to chat about the latest and greatest in english dubs!
Andrew Lepselter
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Dub Talk Dad • One and only Master of MANLINESS
Megan Zarek
She's one of the original goats. Lover of anime, manga, hockey and cats. She's total Love Live and Touken Ranbu trash and adores Tokyo Ghoul.

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Animation aficionado, host of the animation-focused web series 10 Frames/Second, and member of the Dub Talk Podcast. Using the realms of video & audio to spread the good word of animation from across time and space, as a viable artistic medium worthy of academic recognition.
And I have a lava lamp!
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