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Writing Supernatural Adventure for Comics and Manga
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Monday 10:00AM for 1h in P3
Love TV shows like Supernatural and Ash vs. the Evil Dead? Is your favorite anime Vampire Hunter D? Would you like to write a monster bashing hero of your very own. Join the creator of the hit comic Halloween Man as gives you the tips of the trade.
Comic book writer, horror film historian, music journalist , rock promoter, and showman extraordinaire; these are all guises of the creative force known as Drew Edwards. Edwards is best known as the writer and creator of the long-running underground comic, Halloween Man. He is also a contributing writer for Rockabilly Online and through Halloween Man Productions, an active part of the Austin music scene. Each week his voice is been heard by thousands as part of the Castle of Horror Podcast. Bridging horror and comic culture with Austin's music scene, Drew's the event planner, promoter, and host of numerous events Edwards currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, musician Jamie Bahr. They happily share a bohemian apartment with a flemmish giant rabbit named Iggy Hop.

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