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Self-Publishing Comics and Manga in the Digital Age
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AnimeFest 2018
Monday 12:00PM for 1h in P3
Halloween Man creator Drew Edwards returns to AnimeFest with this popular panel on how to self-publish your own books and promote them in the digital era. This insightful Q&A allows new comic creators to ask the questions they need from seasoned pros.
Comic book writer, horror film historian, music journalist , rock promoter, and showman extraordinaire; these are all guises of the creative force known as Drew Edwards. Edwards is best known as the writer and creator of the long-running underground comic, Halloween Man. He is also a contributing writer for Rockabilly Online and through Halloween Man Productions, an active part of the Austin music scene. Each week his voice is been heard by thousands as part of the Castle of Horror Podcast. Bridging horror and comic culture with Austin's music scene, Drew's the event planner, promoter, and host of numerous events Edwards currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, musician Jamie Bahr. They happily share a bohemian apartment with a flemmish giant rabbit named Iggy Hop.

Jamie Bahr
Multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and activist, Jamie Bahr has spent the last seven years in Austin, TX earning her stripes as a fixture of the music community. Neck-deep in non-profit work, she is a Board Member, Band Coach, Voice and Keyboard Instructor for Girls Rock Austin and is the Senior Educator for Kids In a New Groove (K.I.N.G.). A lifelong musician and classically trained vocalist, Jamie was recruited by Punk Blues Review (Altercation Records) in 2008. While on tour in Austin from New York for SXSW 2009, she met her now husband, Drew Edwards, writer and creator of the comic Halloween Man, and relocated to the Capital City soon after in pursuit of love and forming her dream project, Danger*Cakes. With an upright bass in tow, Jamie's signature sound and style caught the attention of photographers and fashionistas alike, thrusting her into a surprise modeling career and making her a spokesmodel for fashion retailers Dangerous FX and Pinup Girl Clothing.
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