AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Rome's Colosseum: Nations vs History
Game Show ANIME
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AnimeFest 2018
Saturday 7:00PM for 2h in P2
Join Grandpa Rome as he hosts a fantastic game show that tests not just the Nation’s knowledge of history, but the audience as well. Gather with fellow audience members and your favorite Countries to form the smartest team and get ready to battle one another for world history glory! The more answers your team gets correct, the closer you are to victory, so bring your fellow history buffs and Hetalia fans, and prepare to enter Rome’s Colosseum.
Isabel Gonzalez
Agent Preservation of Team Rocket Texas

I am an anime/cosplay enthusiast who has been attending conventions for the past four years. In those years I have run and helped run numerous panels, as well as hosted many photoshoots for different fandoms.
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Kathryn Crenshaw
Long time artist, with a special place in my heart for watercolor. I have been working AA's since 2009, but animefest is often my "relax and have fun" con. I just recently got into cosplaying, which is especially fun with my toddler.

I've been putting out a webcomic called State of Disunion since 2014, as well as other projects. Current Fandoms are Hetalia, Team Cap (Marvel), Supernatural, and many Sci-Fi shows.
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