AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Meh-nime: The New Mehllenium (18+)
Presentation Age 18+ ANIME
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AnimeFest 2018
Saturday 10:00PM for 1.5h in P2
Continue the journey of Meh-nime! In this panel, we move into the new Millenium and the pre-bubble burst industry – when limited animation reigned supreme and our anime boys got pretty (and pretty angsty). MUST BE 18+ TO ATTEND.
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An obnoxious and ambitious fan slowly trying to do it all at conventions: attending, hosting panels, vending, volunteering, etc. I'm about doing what you love and seeing a bit of good in anything - especially if the thing is a shitty, dated anime OVA.
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