AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Bop to the Top: A Guide to Cosplay Self Esteem
Presentation COSPLAY
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AnimeFest 2018
Friday 12:00PM for 1h in P1
Cosplayers struggle with bullying and self esteem issues just like everyone else. This panel is to help cosplayers learn how to get better at accepting who they are and handling bullying.
Kawaii Trash
I've been cosplaying for around 10 years! Come say hi to me and my group Excelsior Cosplay sometime on the con floor! My instagram is @kawaiittrash so feel free to follow me!
Hi y'all, my name is Shannon and I've been a cosplayer for around 6 years. I have gone to only one Animefest in the past but have gone to 6 A-kons! I love the Dallas cosplay community and love to meet new people at conventions!
You can find my personal cosplay account on Instagram @ttubclub, on Tumblr @TubClub and my group's cosplay page on Facebook is @Don't Flip Our Seams Cosplay. Hope to see you on the con floor!
Hey ya'll! I love cosplaying and creating new costumes. I am a member of Don't Flip Our Seams cosplay. If you find me at a con, come sat hello!
Instagram: @zombieheart24
Facebook: Don't Flip Our Seams
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