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Cosplay for Starters
Presentation COSPLAY
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AnimeFest 2018
Saturday 9:00AM for 1h in P4
For beginner cosplayers who do not know where to start or what to do but they really want to cosplay. We will go over our fist time and show them how to start. we have sections labeled:

Figure out where you want to go with this character and how you want to portray them. Draw a picture of what you want or list your parts that need to be created.

Make vs. buy:
Know your abilities. Figure out what you can make and what you are going to have to purchase. Take time and availability into consideration. (Show Link example)

Order & Assemble:
Do your homework and figure out the best way to keep from going for broke on your creation. Search sites to find what you need and talk to other cosplayers. They are always a great resource. Order ahead of time in case of shipping problems.

Try on & Tweak:
I can not stress this one enough. We always inevitably end up working up to the last min and then the first time we see our finished product is when we are getting ready for the con. Don't do this.

Relax and enjoy:
Don't stress over what you did not get done. At this point it is what it is.

U= you
N= Nerd
EEK = Geek
A combo of nerd and geek. We are from Decatur TX and feature many types of cosplay and props.
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