AnimeFest 2019 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 16th-19th, 2019 Dallas, TX
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Crafty Room for Artists and Makers
Hands-on Workshop ART
AnimeFest 2019
Saturday 6:00PM for 2h in W1
Join us at our tables for sketching, inking, crafting, and general making! This is a good place to make art and memories together. Bring your own art supplies or basics will be provided for you. Models welcome. Sketchbook swapping encouraged. We will have on hand paper, pens, pencils, pony beads, yarn, and more!
Crafty creator with a background in nerdism and weeb culture. I love to make stuff and people and making stuff with people. Sewing is my primary hobby (and business!), but I also draw, ink, paint, woodburn, bake, crochet, needlepoint, and sculpt.

Contact me if you want to make something together!
Sethric Von
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