AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
Ship and Let Ship
Presentation CULTURE
AnimeFest 2019
Friday 5:00PM for 1h in P2
“Ship and let ship,” the diehard motto of fangirls since the dawn of fandom, is under attack! We examine the anti-shipping movement and its impact on fanworks and fan culture. Don’t like, don’t read. No flames, please.
Librarian, smut peddler, fujoshi, and Thor enthusiast. I write academically and author queer romance novels. I have been presenting panels since 2014 as part of BL Garden of DFW.
I have an MFA in Visual Communications and currently work as graphic designer in the anime industry. I've been presenting panels at anime cons and academic conferences since 2011 and have been active in the DFW con scene as part of BL Garden of DFW since 2013.
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