AnimeFest 2019 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 16th-19th, 2019 Dallas, TX
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Intro to Visual Novel Programming Workshop (Ren'Py)
Presentation MAKERS
AnimeFest 2019
Sunday 12:00PM for 1h in P2
Learn how to start coding your very first visual novel using Ren'Py, a powerful Python based engine behind the works of popular VNs such as DDLC. This is a beginner coding workshop with no computer science knowledge needed.
Hi! I'm a graduate student in computer science and I've always loved the interactive side to visual novels. I currently conduct research in HCI (Human Computer Interactions) at UTD and you can find me in the lab on most days! My passion for both anime and interactive computation led me to explore visual novels and I've adored them since a young age. I hope to become a professor and would love to teach and spread my passions.
I'm a weeb studying for a Masters in computer science at UTD. I've worked as a tutor in the past and I love teaching interesting subjects to others. VNs are a great combination of programming and story telling, and I am excited to teach others how to create them.
I'm a computer science graduate student at UTD. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Cybersecurity. I've been interested in anime since I was in grade school and have continued with my passion since. I played my first visual novel in high school and decided to learn how to create them on my own. It's become one of my favorite pastimes and I hope to share that with everyone.
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