AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
How Kimono Are Made
Presentation CULTURE
AnimeFest 2019
Sunday 11:30AM for 2h in P4
Many costumers struggle to replicate the look of an authentic Japanese kimono because they don’t know authentic Japanese kimono construction. Tangerine Mountain is ready to show you that kimono are made utilizing methods and procedures no Westerner would ever conceive of. It’s not just straight lines! Attendees will get the chance to handle kimono bolts and materials the likes of which most Americans never get to even see in person, much less touch. We start with the bolt, discussing dyeing, painting, and embroidery techniques, and take attendees through to the finished product, drawing on our experience working with a high-end custom kimono salon in Japan. All materials are labeled in English and Japanese and photos and video are encouraged. This panel is perfect for anyone seeking to cosplay a kimono-wearing character, for fashion students or professionals interested in non-Western garment construction, or anyone who is interested in Japanese culture.
Tangerine Mt
Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs specializes in bringing authentic imported kimono, wafuku, and Japanese accessories straight to congoers!

We save you the airfare to Japan by going back and forth two to three times a year to work directly with the people and businesses through which we acquire the best pieces at affordable prices.

We are the only kimono vendor in the country that includes an obi with every kimono purchase, with Kimono+Obi sets starting at only $30! Because of this, our customers are able to walk away with a wearable outfit for a fraction of the cost charged by other kimono vendors in our industry. We are also the only US-based kimono vendor that regularly sells haori, kimono and yukata 福袋 (fukubukuro) at every event in which we participate.

We also live our inclusivity statement with every customer interaction. Unlike some of our competitors, we do NOT insist people only try on pieces that match their gender appearance, age, or marital status. While we do teach the traditional ways of wearing kimono with every interaction (e.g. sleeve differences in men’s vs. women’s kimono; furisode are traditionally worn by unmarried women, etc.), we firmly believe that our customers are the experts in their own gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships, ability/disability, and bodies. Everyone is welcome to try on whatever they want, and it is our job to make them look and feel fabulous while doing so!

We are a very laid-back, happy group of people here at Tangerine Mountain, and we are willing to go above and beyond to make sure our customers have an "気持ちいい" experience whenever they shop with us. Whether people are looking for their first komon, a Taisho-era furisode, or a hand painted and embroidered uchikake to fill out their collection, we have something that can satisfy every customer's needs (and budget!).
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