AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
Corset Making 101
Presentation MAKERS
AnimeFest 2019
Saturday 1:00PM for 1h in W1
This panel covers the basics of corset making, terms, where to get materials, resources for corset panels. Examples of different types of corsets, corseting material as well as corsets in a few stages of the corset process will be available to share during the panel.
Casey Renee
Casey Renee is an award winning cosplayer who focuses on sewing and sewing techniques. She live streams costume making on Twitch and loves sharing her knowledge with others. Her biggest inspirations come from History, Disney and the occasional fan art.

In 2018, Casey Renee won best overall cosplay for her “Amethyst” costume, a creation based on artwork by Sakizou. She put more than 550 hours into this amazing costume and she will be bringing it with her to AnimeFest 2019. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see her craftsmanship up close and talk to her about her work.

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