AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
Clip Studio Paint 101
Presentation ART
AnimeFest 2019
Sunday 5:00PM for 1h in P2
Come learn how to make your own Manga and comics with professional artist Amelie Belcher using one of the most powerful comic making tools out there, Clip Studio Paint. Tips and Tricks for miles and miles, yo!
Amelie Belcher
Amelie Belcher Bio (2019 edition)
Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator and pod cast host. Known for her comedy based art education presentations, she has travelled the world teaching thousands of budding artists the secrets to starting their own journeys down the path to artistic expression with an eye geared toward Anime and Manga styled creations. She is known for her web comics, “Bounty Haunters” and “The Real-Life Adventures Of Ami Chan”. You can read her work on her website
Amelie is also known for her latest artistic adventures including an ongoing series of fine art watercolor and gouache paintings dedicated to the one and only Jeff Goldblum she calls “The Gold Bloomery”. More recently, Amelie has also begun combining a life long passion for painting and theme parks. Follow along with her as she paints her way across the wide world of parks on her instagram ipaintparks.
She and her husband, Levi Castello, also host the popular pod cast “Laser Discotheque”, a show about watching movies on the least convenient format ever produced…Laserdiscs. You can give a listen on the pod catcher of your choice or visit the website at
Amelie looks forward to chewing bubble gum and making new friends, and she’s fresh out of bubble gum. Come on down to her panels or meet her in the Artist Alley!
And YES…She is indeed THAT Amelie, the one “Married To The Mice King” from the podcast “My Brother My Brother And Me”.

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