AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
The Paka-sho Demonstration (Japanese Calligraphy)
Presentation ART
AnimeFest 2019
Saturday 6:00PM for 2h in W2
(Japanese Calligraphy & Percussion Instruments)
Professional Calligrapher KO-JU will demonstrate the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e. Her demonstration will be accompanied by music from our guest Hiderow, a professional musician and percussionist. You’ll be amazed how a simple brush can create such powerful, yet subtle lines.
Hiderow was born in February, 1972 in Saga prefecture. While attending Waseda University, he started out as a professional musician.

He plays trumpet and percussion. He has been performing domestically (in Japan) and internationally with four bands, Conguero Tres Hoofers, Venue Vincent, CENTRAL, and Selim Slive Elementz. He’s also performed with many underground labels and major artists alike, such as Magokoro Brothers, JUJU, Saori Yuki, Shinrizumu, KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE, DJ KAWASAKI, ROOT SOUL, Mano Arriba, and more.

He and his wife, KO-JU, a Japanese shodo-ka calligrapher, have teamed up as a duo called “Paka-sho” (percussion + shodo), a fascinating combination of the two arts.

KO-JU was born in 1971 in Nagano prefecture. She took up shodo, Japanese calligraphy, at the age of 7.

While working various jobs, she continued learning traditional styles of calligraphy while at the same time she also began to explore her own styles of expression. KO-JU focuses on having a tenderness with strong brushstrokes, giving her work a special presence.

Her diverse calligraphy works include everything from haiku poetry to logos and advertising materials for companies and organizations to ink painting illustrations. Her other activities involve live performances and hands-on workshops. In 2018 she conducted a workshop and an exhibition in Thailand for her first overseas event. AnimeFest will be her second overseas appearance and her first appearance in the U.S.

Just like so many others in her generation, KO-JU grew up watching anime and reading manga. She’s excited to attend AnimeFest to see firsthand how Japanese arts such as anime, manga and calligraphy are received and appreciated in America. She is also looking forward to sharing her work with and teaching her craft to AnimeFest attendees.

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