AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX
Video-Rama-Rama - Fandom Videos From The InterNet
Presentation CULTURE
AnimeFest 2019
Monday 11:30AM for 1h in P3
From the vast regions of the InterNet......
I have a collection of little fan/fandom videos and some rare ones as well that I have located & collected over the
I have been showing these at FenCon for over the last 6 years,..And most recently at ALL-CON and ANIME DALLAS....Actually, ALL-CON staff last year had asked me to do a presentation showing and also wanted another one again last March.:)

I sure people attending AnimeFest would be entertained by a showing these little videos.

Alan David Laska
Producer of "The Spaceman42 Channel" on YouTUBE.
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