Welcome to the world of fan art. Whether you are starting your collection, just saw a picture you like, or are looking for that one piece to finish out the media montage on the west wall, the Anime Fest Art Show will have what you need. We have a collection of artists ranging from first time local sketch artists to nationally recognized professionals, plus jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and 3D.

The AnimeFest Art Show features fan art primarily of Japanese animation style, both well known and original characters. Quite often we also have more traditional Japanese art forms and subjects such as Sumi-e and charcoals. We also welcome various crossovers from the science fiction and fantasy genres.

While art, by definition, is judges by it's aesthetics, it is also classified by it's medium: oils, pastels, colored pencil and CG. Also art, for collection and appreciation, must be judged on it's rarity: original, limited edition, or print. Originals are of one of a kind, from the artist's hand. This would be something that is not duplicated. Limited Edition, also known as Signed and Numbered, is used with such techniques as lithography and prints. In which several prints are made from an original "plate". Historically as the plate would erode or wear, the lower the print number the more highly valued. Prints made using modern computer graphics or color copy unlimited quantities with little, if any, difference from the first copy to the last. Thus allowing mass distribution at a small cost, but these are unlikely to appreciate in value.

Exhibit Hours

  • Friday Noon-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Monday 10am-2pm


Don't forget to come into the Art Show to vote for your favorite AnimeFest 2011 artists!


The art show will be located in Dallas Ballroom section D3.

Bidding and Purchasing

All persons wishing to purchase art must obtain a bidder's number. You will need to stop by the Art Show desk during normal operating hours to acquire one. We will not be assigning bidder's numbers at the auction. So, if you have any thoughts of attending the auction, please make sure you pick up a number some time prior to Sunday night.

When purchasing art for "Quick Sale", you have the choice of taking the art piece with you or leaving it on display (marked as SOLD) for others to have a chance to appreciate the artist's work. For those persons for whom the art auction will be a new experience, please keep in mind that there is a lot of art to be gone through and it can take a while. Please give us your patience and we promise to give each piece its full due. All art sold must be picked up by Monday at 1:00 pm.

The Art Show will have security at the door for the entire time the art show is open. It will be their job to keep the art safe. So, please don't give them a hard time when they ask you to check your purses, packages, cameras, or other items. We promise they will give them back. They will also stop any persons attempting to bring food or drink into the Art Show. We think the art is most beautiful when there are no spills to be seen. The art room will be locked during the hours that the show is not for viewing.

Finally, this is an art show comprised mostly of fans. We ask that you do not make rude, hurtful, or demeaning comments about any of the art shown. They were brave enough to put it up; be kind enough to appreciate their efforts. We reserve the right to bar any persons causing a scene.

The Art Show Manager reserves the rights to change or add to these rules as circumstances dictate.

Registered Artists

Artist Registration

AnimeFest 2012 Art Show Registration Agreement