2012 Winners


    • TifaIA as Riddell, Tarapotomus as Irenes and negativedreamer as Glenn from Chrono Cross

    • Moonwildflower as Lynx from Chrono Cross

    • Leila Nami as Mink from Dragon Half

    • Emily R. as Major General Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    • FyreGothChylde as Lord Orlouge, SuWan as Mei Rin and Hellraiser as Blue from Saga Frontier

    • Synchro Hearts as Link, Groose and Elder Impa from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    • Amberlee R. as Lina Inverse from Slayers

    • Hell Kitty Cosplay as the Queen of Hearts from Alice: Madness Returns
    • Lunasol Cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji
    • Mama Austria as Revolutionary America from Hetalia

    • Shadow Fox as 8 from the Movie 9
Photocredit: Ashley J
Cosplayer: Malinda-chan

The Cosplay Runway is where members get to show off their craftsmanship and skill in re-creating a costume of their favorite anime/game character. If you are interested in participating in this cosplay event, please be sure to read the details below or you can join us in Main Events to watch members show off their masterpieces! Performances are tentatively scheduled for Friday at 8pm.

Section I. General Cosplay Runway Rules

  • All Cosplay Runway participants must be members of AnimeFest 2012. Your badge must be present and visible at all times.
  • All costumes must pertain to Anime, Manga or Video Games and originate from one of these sources in order to qualify for Best in Show, First Place, Best Group, Best Prop, Creativity Award or Judge's Awards.
  • You may enter a costume that originates from Western Cartoons, Comics and Web-Comics, but we will only be accepting these entries on a limited basis. You will only qualify for the Best in Alternate Media award.
  • Any other forms of media are not accepted at this time.
  • No costume is NO COSTUME.
  • You MUST wear shoes at all times as this is a hotel regulation. Even if your character does not wear shoes, please bring something as simple as a flat or even a pair of tennis shoes that you might have. This will not be counted against you in the judging process. You may however remove your shoes for your on stage performance.
  • At least 50% of the costume must be handmade and not store bought or commissioned, otherwise you will not be able to enter in the Cosplay Runway event.
  • No real weapons of any kind. Please read the convention Weapon Policy and if you have questions, contact the Cosplay Manager
  • Cosplay Runway groups are limited to 8 participants. If you have more than 8 participants, you will need to split up into separate groups. When you split into separate groups, you will no longer count as one entry, but two separate entries.
  • If you have a bulky costume and you are needing special accommodations, please contact the Cosplay Manager in advance.
  • You are permitted to enter into all three cosplay events. If you are participating in the Cosplay Skit Contest, you may enter the same cosplay for either Cosplay Runway or Hall Cosplay, since the competition does not rely upon the craftsmanship of your costume. However, you may not enter the same cosplay from Cosplay Runway into Hall Cosplay and vice versa.
  • The AnimeFest Cosplay Staff reserves the right to disqualify anyone for any reason deemed sufficient.

Section II. Rehearsal Rules and Regulations

  • Pre-Judging will be done prior to the Cosplay Runway contest. BE ON TIME so the judges can look at your costume in detail.
  • There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal/walk-through. If you show up late and have not given adequate notification, you may be disqualified from the Cosplay Runway. Times will be posted outside of the Cosplay HQ.
  • You will be seated based on the number you were provided after pre-judging which is also the order in which you will enter the stage.
  • Music will be provided by the convention.
  • Each participant will have approximately 45 seconds on the stage, regardless of group size.
  • Please do not throw anything onto the stage or at the audience. We WILL make you clean it up and the Event Director WILL be grumpy about it. It could also potentially get you removed from the convention.
  • You may do poses and slow actions, but NO skits. Skits will be for the Sunday night Cosplay Skit Competition.
  • If repetition isn't enough, again, please review the AnimeFest Weapons Policy.

Section III. Divisions

There are a total of three divisions when filling out the Cosplay Runway form and they will be as follows (loosely based off ICG Guidelines):

    • The novice category is intended for costumes with little or beginner skills in making costumes.
    • No member could have won more than three minor awards and/or one major award at previous conventions.

    • The intermediate category is intended for people with some to moderate skills in making costumes or having won few awards for costumes.
    • No member could have won more than 3 major awards at previous conventions.

    • The master category is intended for people with extensive skills in making costumes or have won several awards for costumes that do not fall into the other two classes.
    • Anyone may register for this division.

Performance only awards are not calculated in your Cosplay Runway Competition division. Awards of ranking commonly include Best in Show, Best in Division, Best Craftsmanship, or First Place, Second Place, etc. These types of ranking in a craftsmanship type of cosplay competition are considered “major awards.” Honorable Mentions, Judges’ Awards and/or other similar forms of recognition are not considered “major awards”, but “minor awards.”

An entrant’s appropriate division will be determined by the awards won by 50% or more of the group. For example, if an entry consists of 3 participants, one participant with zero craftsmanship awards, and two participants that have won more than two major awards but no more than three, would be placed in the Intermediate Division.

If a Judge, Cosplay Manager, or Director feel that you should be placed in a higher division based off the craftsmanship and presentation of your costume, you may be moved to a different division in which you had applied for.

Section IV. Awards


    • This is given to an exceptional entrant and can be a part of any division. This award determines that you are the best in the entire cosplay event, therefore you will not qualify to win any other awards. Only one will be given and a trophy is awarded to the winner.

    • This is given to an entrant that has shown an exceptional display of craftsmanship and presentation for their particular class. Three of these awards will be given, one to each division in which a trophy is awarded.

    • This title is awarded to an entrant that has at least three members within their group and demonstrates great presentation skills within their group. Any division qualifies for this award and a trophy is awarded to the winning group.

    • This award is given to an entrant that display innovation and creativity in constructing their prop. Any division qualifies for this award. A certificate is awarded to the winner.

    • This award is given to an entrant that shows exceptional use of materials and innovative use with those materials all around for their costume. Any division can qualify for this award and a certificate is awarded to the winner.

    • Granted by the judges for an entrant they feel was exceptional. Any division may qualify. Certificates will be presented to the winners.

    • This award is given to an exceptional entrant and can be a part of any division. Only those that have a costume in relation to Western Cartoons, Comics and/or Web-Comics are eligible for this award. A certificate will be awarded to the winner.
Awards are announced after the conclusion of the event. All prizes, including certificates and trophies, must be picked up by Monday, September 3rd, by 3pm, otherwise prizes will be forfeited.

Section V. Entry Form

  • Form information can be found here: Sign-Up Forms
  • Should you decide to not fill out your form to sign up for the event online, there will be limited slots available on site.
  • You must submit supporting character documentation. You will not be permitted to enter a judging session or the Cosplay Runway event unless you can provide reference images for your cosplay to the judges
  • If you are unsure about what division to enter in, please do not select one of the three divisions. Judges will determine your division.
  • The deadline to submit your online form is Wednesday, August 15th by 11:59p CST.

Section VI. Other

Q: Where is this Cosplay HQ you speak of?

The Cosplay HQ is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel in Pearl 5. There should be signs outside the door stating Cosplay HQ.

Q: What is Cosplay HQ's hours of operation?
  • Friday: 12pm-6pm
  • Saturday: 12p-6pm
  • Sunday: 12p-3pm

Please remember to use common sense. We want everyone to have a good time, so please respect the rules and the other players.

While no changes to these rules are foreseen, certain circumstances may require that the rules be changed. Any changes to the rules will be noted in bold red print. A complete set of the rules will be available at Cosplay HQ throughout the convention.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Cosplay Manager at cosplay [at] animefest [dot] org