AnimeFest 2021 AnimeFest in-person Convention December 17th – 19th 2021 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Producer, Animator, Director, Actress, and Makeup FX artist, Samantha
Inoue-Harte, has been working in the film industry since 1997 and
proves she is a true Renaissance woman.

Her acting can be seen in Sin City, Office Space, Planet Terror, Beatdown, Machete, Idiocracy, National Lampoon's the Stoned Age, True Grit, Teeth, Machete Kills, Jonah Hex, Sin City 2, The Lying Game, Friday Night Lights, and many more. Her FX makeup work can be seen in Teeth and in Predators. Her voice can be heard in over 40 different animated titles including: DC Universe Online, Bratz, Samurai X, New Fist of the Northstar, Trinity Blood, Negima, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Shuten Doji, Sonic the Hedgehog the movie, Soul Hunter, King of Bandit Jing, Gatchaman, Sakura Wars, GetterRobo, Daiguard, Cosplay Complex, Magical Play, Zone of the Enders, Mazinkaiser, Tekken the Motion Picture, Nadia The Secret of Blue Water, and many more for Funimation Entertainment, A.D. Vision Films, New Generation Pictures, and Sony. She worked as an animator for: SpikeTV, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney. She has been an Animation Director for SpikeTV, has produced a show pilot for Adult Swim. Samantha is currently a partner at ANIMETROPOLIS. ANIMETROPOLIS is currently co-producing a CGI Animated feature with Japanese studio partner, IDA, who is known for their over the top action packed CGI short, Cat Sh*t One. But for fun, she enjoys Cowboy action shooting and orchestrating Zombie attacks on unsuspecting victims....her favorite victim being American Idol.

This is Ms. Inoue-Harte's first time at AnimeFest