AnimeFest 2021 AnimeFest in-person Convention December 17th – 19th 2021 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Mel Hynes and J. Grant are a conglomerate beast, spawned in California's strange climes and summoned to the heart of Dallas, where they now reside in a dank cave. Between the two of them, they create the webcomic Two Lumps, as well as various other comics and works of literature. Mel enjoys martial arts, cats, and committing random acts of senseless kindness. J. is fond of drawing things, shooting things, and preaching to any who will listen of the coming Puppy-geddon. Between the two of them, no problem is too complicated, no mystery too convoluted, no video game too difficult, and no beer is safe. Their works have primarily appeared online, in magazines, and in the form of "books" that are "printed" by various "publishing houses." They are delighted to make their sixth AnimeFest appearance in as many years, and look forward to introducing people to the concept of flammable undergarments.

Read their comic Two Lumps for more insight into J & Mel.