Guests of Honor

Kenji Kamiyama
Mr. Kenji Kamiyama got his start in the Anime Industry in background art and art direction. However, it was not long before he also started directing and writing screenplays.

Director Kamiyama is perhaps best known for bringing us titles such as Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C, Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, Eden of the East, and most recently 009 RE:CYBORG.

Come visit with Mr. Kamiyama and learn more about his latest works! This will be Mr. Kamiyama's first time at AnimeFest!

Tomohiko Ishii
Producer extraordinaire Tomohiko Ishii started his career at Studio Ghibli working as an assistant producer on Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and more.

After moving to Production I.G., Mr. Ishii has continued to produce many fantastic works including Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D, Eden of the East, and 009 RE:CYBORG.

Come meet and hear from one of the most successful producers in the Anime Industry today! This will be Mr. Ishii's first time at AnimeFest!

Special Guests

Terri Doty
Voice Actor
Standing in the booth, after voicing her first character in Tsubasa: The Reservoir Chronicle in 2008, Terri Doty knew what she wanted to do – make nachos; and that she wanted to keep working in the world of anime.

Please welcome Ms. Doty back to AnimeFest!

Alexis Tipton
Voice Actor
Alexis Tipton has been working in the dubbing industry since 2008 and has loved every minute of it. She can be heard in over 80 titles so far with more announcements on the way. Some of her credits include Saya Kisaragi (Blood C), Inori Yuzuriha/Mana Ouma (Guilty Crown), Rika Shiguma (Haganai), Julia Crichton (FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos), Moka Akashiya (Rosario+Vampire), Musubi (Sekirei), Mizuki Himeji (Baka and Test), Yomi Isayama (Ga-Rei: Zero), Sun Seto (My Bride is a Mermaid), Yamada’s Eros Deity (B Gata H Kei), Laila Seiren (Hero Tales), Kaori Tanaka (Shiki), Emi Kizaki (Linebarrels of Iron), Shizuku Ishiki (King of Thorn), Chibi Japan/Kumajiro (Hetalia), and many more (full list of credits can be found on Anime News Network).


John Stocker
For over 4 decades, John Stocker has been a recognized force in the acting industry. He began his career as an on-camera performer, working with the likes of John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, Rick Moranis, Gilda Radner, William Shatner and Mark Wahlberg, before settling solely, but comfortably into the off-camera world, where he has voiced many thousands of commercials and hundreds of animated characters. A lot of you will recognize some of his classic roles – Beastly in Care Bears, Longarm in COPS and Toad in Super Mario Brothers.

Over the years, John diversified his career to include voice casting, voice coaching, (both commercial & animation), demo production, and the discipline that keeps him busiest, voice directing. Including the one that started his voice directing career, the one and only Sailor Moon.


Linda Ballantyne
Voice Actor
For the past 20 years, Linda has worked professionally on stage, screen and television, and has been heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials worldwide. Her extensive animation career consists of a wide variety of characters including series leads in Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon/Serena, Mia and Me: Queen Mayla, The Avengers: Wasp, Toot and Puddle: Tulip, Will and Dewitt: Shelley, Disney’s Yin Yang Yo: Saranoia, Ella Mental, Smoke and more, Meteor: Sinker, Cyberchase: Wicked, Mischief City: Mrs. Adams, Corduroy: Moppy’s Mom, Air Master: Kaori Sakiyama, Bakugan: Kararina, Beywheelz: Leader B/Lucy and others.

Linda was contracted as the “voice” of the Comedy Network for 13 years and is currently creating and writing an animated series entitled Simply Wicked.


Susan Roman
Voice Actor
For Susan Roman, nothing compares with the joy of working in animation – which is exactly what she's done for most of her adult life. Let's be frank: some of her projects didn't exactly go on to become household names. Piggsburg Pigs, with LA director Stu Rosen at the helm, comes to mind. But it was during that series (recorded ensemble, which hardly ever happens anymore) that Mr. Rosen introduced the concept of the key phrase – possibly the best tool ever invented to keep a voice actor on track, and something which she has never forgotten.

She went on to play Champ Bear in the original Care Bear TV series; Melissa Raccoon in The Raccoons; Oliver in Beyblade; – and, as Snowy the dog, she yipped and yapped her way through countless episodes of Tin Tin.

She is best known as the voice of Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon – which is, she says, her favorite character by far.


Greg Ayres
Voice Actor and DJ
Greg Ayres has spent thirteen years working in an industry he had admired for many more as a fan. With almost 200 credits to his name, this fan-boy has managed to get to play a variety of characters that are almost as colorful as his hair. He was thrilled to be a part of the Toonami return this summer, voicing the roles of Ganta Igarashi in Deadman Wonderland, and Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7. He was also thrilled to reprise his role of Son Goku in the Saiyuki Gaiden OVA's this year. Greg has also just wrapped up recording the roles of Makoto Kobayashi in the award winning animated film Colorful, and Kouichi Sakakibara in Another.

Some of his other recent roles include Sion in No. 6, Heisuke Toudou in Hakuoki...


Please welcome Mr. Ayres back to AnimeFest.

Stephanie Young
Voice Actor
Stephanie Young is a professional actress, singer/songwriter, producer, and fan of caffeinated beverages that jolt her from one creative project to the next! As a voice actress and singer, she quickly developed a niche voice for dominating females, witches, warriors and queens in the wonderful worlds of anime and gaming. Amount the roles she is best known for her are Nico Robin in One Piece, Olivier Armstrong in Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood, Clare in Claymore, Arachne in Soul Eater, Junko in Desert Punk and Eve in Spice and Wolf II.

Stephanie’s latest game projects include the role of the Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands II, the lead female vocals (singing) in Ms. Splosion Man, and Weaver in Orcs Must Die!

As a singer/songwriter, Stephanie enjoys lending her signature, soulful vocals, along with her guitarist husband David, to the Dallas-based pop/jazz band, The Brehms.

This will be Ms. Young's first visit to AnimeFest.


Amelie Belcher
Amelie "Ami-Chan" Belcher was born in Baton-Bloody-Boring-Rouge Louisiana where the combination of chemical plant fumes and river water did major damage to her fragile little mind at an early age. By all accounts, she started drawing at the age of five (when she figured out that the pencil goes on the paper and not up your nose) and didn't stop drawing until she ran out of paper...twenty years later.


Please welcome Amelie back to AnimeFest!

Greg Wicker
Game Show Host
Greg Wicker (or “Greggo” as he’s fondly known) has been producing and hosting game shows at anime conventions since 1999, when he premiered Anime
Match Game at Project A-Kon in Dallas. Since then, Greggo has done anime-themed versions of several classic game shows, created a few games of his own, and even had an original project that very nearly turned into an actual television show on Anime Network. These days Greggo is concentrating
on perfecting his craft and making game shows available for conventions everywhere, bringing his rapier wit and friendly personality with him wherever he goes.

You can see some of Greggo’s past game show efforts on his
YouTube page or visit his website.

Ramen and Rice
Sisters Ramen and Rice come from the U.S. West Coast, and have been playing music together since childhood. They made their debut as the anime/animation/game music duet "Ramen and Rice" years ago at Fanimecon 2000. Since then, they played for numerous conventions and special events between the years of 2001 and 2009. They are very grateful for all the opportunities/amazing people, and they are very happy to come "home" to the convention that has meant so much for their playing opportunity, AnimeFest! in Texas!

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DJ Blade
DJ Blade started spinning in 2004 in Hollywood cali where he was well known as the youngest dj at the age of 17.Blade is a sponsored dj by ID&T and has done lots of rave all over the USA. Now for the 3RD year in a row he is back to AnimeFest.... for more get ready to enter his world...... of the elements of trance/ hardstyle and more..

Check back often for additional guest announcements coming soon!
DJ Bleuwulf
DJ Bleuwulf is a local resident of DFW who has performed both in the US and in Tokyo, Japan. His style is eclectic spanning from house remixes of popular top 40 music to trance to the dirtiest electro beats. A regular Cosplayer, he has attended AnimeFest for several years. He is happy to be returning to DJ for a second year.

If you have any suggestions for guests please send them our way.