AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX

Thanks everyone for coming out to AnimeFest 2016! Checkout our awesome photo gallery for a recap of this year's event.
2016 Highlight Gallery
2016 Cosplay Highlights

Recent News and Updates

Thank you, everyone, for another successful AnimeFest! 2016 was a year filled with many amazing changes, as well as historic firsts that helped make this the most memorable AnimeFest yet! Here are some highlights for this year:
  • Attendance: 10751 Warm Body Count (37334 Turnstile)
  • Art Auction: The Art Auction recorded its single highest sale ever! An original drawing of Lum by character designer Akemi Takada was sold for $10,000!
  • Guests: 9 Japanese guests and 11 North American Guests
  • The Cosplay contest was held at the gorgeous Majestic Theatre this year for the first time ever. You can expect to see more events there in the future!
  • The AnimeFest App: AnimeFest released its first app for Apple and Android devices to great success! Over 25% of our members downloaded and used the app over the weekend.
  • Live Streaming: We live streamed several panels as well as the Cosplay Contest on Youtube for the first time!
  • New Convention Leadership: The AnimeFest convention committee was led by a new team this year as part of a new initiative to have a rotating leadership roster for the convention. 2017 will introduce a new leadership team.
    • 2016 Chairperson: Joe Chan
    • 2016 Vice-chairperson: Mike Williams
    • 2016 Secretary: Lee Thompson
    • 2016 Treasurer: Joseph Chang