World Fandom August 12th 2022

Amelie Belcher


Comic book creator and multimedia artist Amelie Belcher is the caffeine powered force behind the web comics The Real Life Adventures Of Ami Chan and Bounty Haunters. She is also the illustrator of the yaoi manga Loud Snow.

Amelie was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, but has since made Austin Texas her home. A Veteran of over 100 convention appearances, she loves teaching aspiring artists the ins and outs of creating comics and art of their own while delivering some of the best damn panels around. Her stand up comedy style of art education has helped hundreds learn how to draw, and more importantly, now NOT to draw. In her spare time she enjoys tracking down Dragon Balls in order to forcibly evolve her Pokemon into the Old Spice Guy.

Her comics and art can be viewed on her website, named after her international fan club, the Ami Army. Join today!

Amelie will be participating in various panels and autograph sessions. Additionally, she will reprise her role as an auctioneer for the AnimeFest Art Auction! Please check the schedules for more details.