World Fandom August 12th 2022

Ayana Nishino

Animation Director, Animator

Ayana Nishino, like many animators, got her start doing In-Between animations and 2nd Key Animations for a variety of shows. However, she quickly proved capable of handling Key Animation roles on shows such as Fairy Tail and Watamote, and Tokyo Ghoul √A. Her success as a Key Animator afforded her the opportunities to serve as an Animation Director on shows like Tokyo Ghoul√A and most recently the popular simulcast My Hero Academia.

Some of her work as an In-Between Animator and 2nd Key Animator can been seen on Fairy Tail (eps 130, 139, 149, 154, 171), Sword Art Online (ep 5)], and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (eps 4, 14, 22). Some of her work as a Key Animator can be seen in Fairy Tail (eps 160, 163), Watamote (eps 5, 10), and Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% (ep 2). She participated as a Animation Director on Aquarion Logos (eps 2, 25-26, Tokyo Ghoul √A (ep 3), and My Hero Academia (eps 2, 6, 9)

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