World Fandom August 12th 2022

Lindsay Seidel

Voice Actress

Lindsay Seidel began her professional acting career at the age of 10 when she was hired to voice a portion of textbooks used to teach Japanese children English. In the years since then, her voice has been heard on television, radio, video games, and over 90 anime shows. Her work in voice over was recently recognized by Behind the Voice Actors, who named her "Voice Actress of the Year" for 2015.

Lindsay is known for voicing a diverse range of anime characters, including “Nagisa” in Assassination Classroom, “Angel” and “Romeo” in Fairy Tail, “Yayoi Kunizuka” in Psycho-Pass, “Kyoko” in Is This a Zombie?, “Reisuke Houjou” in The Future Diary, “Naru” in Eureka Seven: Ao, “Hazuki” in Baka and Test, “Ruka” in Steins:Gate, “Hermit” in .hack//Quantum, “Boa Sandersonia” in One Piece, “Eto” in Tokyo Ghoul, “Ruko” in WIXOSS, “Luka” in Black Butler II, “Z” in Space Dandy, “Meme” in Soul Eater Not!, “Akiho” in Robotics;Notes, and many more! She is also the voice of “Neith” in the popular video game Smite.

Her on camera roles include “Emily” in the horror film The Final, “Claire” in the Morganville Vampires web series, and various guest appearances on network television series.

Lindsay will participate in various panels and autograph sessions throughout the AnimeFest weekend! Please check the schedule for details.

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