AnimeFest 2021 Animefest Virtual Celebration July 31st 2021

Shuhei Morita


Director Shuhei Morita was born in 1978 in Nara prefecture, Japan.

In 2005, his indies CG Anime, Kakurenbo, drew considerable praise both domestically and internationally. His success with Kakurenbo propelled him into the spotlight as setting the standard for Japan’s digital animation.

In 2006, Mr. Morita was selected to direct the anime series, FREEDOM, sponsored by Nissin Cup Noodles. Over the next several years, he continued to pursue his unique style of crafting CG designs and expressions to blend in well with more traditionally drawn Japanese animation.

Then in 2014 at the 86th Academy Awards, Possessions, a short CG animation story written and directed by Shuhei Morita, was nominated for Best Animated Short Film.

More recently, Mr. Morita has expanded his efforts beyond CG animation and directed the popular TV animation series, Tokyo Ghoul.

This will be Director Morita’s second appearance at AnimeFest. We are proud to welcome him back to Dallas and excited to learn more about this latest works. Mr. Morita will be participating in various panels and autograph sessions throughout AnimeFest 2016. Please check our schedule of events for details.

Learn more about Shuhei Morita and the various projects he has participated in via Anime News Network, My Anime List, and AniDB.