Program Book Ads

Our program book is meant to look like a manga and is similar in size to many Japanese graphic novels. It is 5"x7.5" with 150+ pages, perfect bound. The cover is in full cover and the interior is B&W. We offer the following ad sizes:

Full page:
4" wide x 7" tall $150
1200 pixels wide x 2100 pixels tall for images
(inside front or back cover is $50 more)

Half page:
4" wide x 3.5" tall $75
1200 pixels wide x 1050 pixels tall for images

Back Cover
4.5" wide x 7.5" tall $400
Full color and full bleed. Please contact us for image size.

We can accept graphics in PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG. Graphics must be converted to grayscale. All fonts must be converted to outlines if you submit you are submitting vector formats like PDF and SVG. All other formats must be pre-approved.

Ads must be paid and artwork received by June 26th. Ads are subject to approval for suitability. Please email to place an order or with questions.


Thank you for your interested in sponsoring AnimeFest! We are excited to work with individuals and companies that wish to sponsor us to support our cause and get additional advertising exposure. If you do not see a specific item you are interested in sponsoring listed, please email us at

Base Sponsorship Package - $500
  • One badge and one t-shirt per $100 spent on total sponsorship package
  • A 7'x7' banner with your logo displayed at a high traffic spot in the convention
  • Your logo as part of three 'Sponsors' logo collage banners which will be displayed in different locations
  • Mentioned as a sponsor at Opening Ceremonies
  • Listed as a sponsor on the web site
  • Listed as a sponsor in the program book

Add-Ons (requires base package):
  • Additional 7'x7' Banner $300 (max 2 extra per sponsor)
  • Sponsor a programming room $50 each (1 sponsor per room. If available. Your logo on room sign)
  • Extra sponsor badges $35 each (10 extra max)
  • Dealer tables or Bazaar tables can be added at the current rate (but they add to your sponsor package increasing your badges/t-shirts)

Please email if you have any questions or if you're interested in obtaining our sponsor packet containing more options and details.

Web site

We do not sell or trade banners or links on our web site. We do list our sponsors with links to their web sites.