AnimeFest 2019 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 16th-19th, 2019 Dallas, TX

How do I attend AnimeFest?
You can buy a membership on our website at, or you can purchase one onsite at our Registration booth. All ages are welcome. If you opt to purchase early, you have the option to have your badge mailed to you about a month before the convention. Otherwise, you can pick your pre-registration badges at the (other end of the) Registration booth at the convention.

Do I have to dress up?
No! While many of our attendees enjoy coming in costume, many others come dressed as they are.

Where can I get food?
While AnimeFest does not provide food, there are a number of food trucks and vendors that set up in and near the convention area. Last year the con staff survived on pretty much nothing but pizza and Korean food truck dishes, so you can definitely get the food you need.

Do I need to wear my badge?
Your badge allows you admittance to all AnimeFest convention activities. It identifies you as a member to the convention and hotel staff. It must be worn visibly and above the waist at all times in convention areas.

It's really hot in the dance. Why is the water station in the hall?
In the past there were rumors of the water being contaminated during the dances. Because we take these kind of reports seriously, all water stations had to be removed from the room and cleaned and inspected before being returned. This resulted in no water available in the dance for long periods of time. To avoid this issue, we have moved the water to a well lighted area just a few steps from the dance.

Where do I find information on photo shoots?
While we do not have official photo shoots, there are details on the AnimeFest Cosplay Facebook page which provides details of all current shoots for those that wished to list their photo shoots unofficially.