AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Autograph Rules and Policies
In an effort to make the Autograph Sessions a more pleasant experience for everyone, we have compiled a list of rules and general guidelines to follow.

Ticketing System
• The autograph sessions will run on a ticketing system this year to accommodate as many members as possible in a safe and fair manner.

• Every Morning (8am - 10am) we will be handing out tickets to the scheduled autograph events for that day in a room that will be designated for ticketing.

• We will have 150 tickets to each autograph event with 75 of each designated Group A and Group B.

• Group A tickets will be given out first followed by Group B tickets.

• 15 minutes prior to the autograph session all Group A ticket holders present will be admitted to the line. 5 minutes prior to the session all Group B ticket holders present as well as any Group A ticket holders who arrived after the initial line call will be allowed to join the line. Any ticket holders who arrive after the start of the autograph session will have to join at the end of the line.

• Receiving a ticket is not a guaranteed autograph. You must still line up at the autograph area prior to the start of the autograph event. If you arrive to the session late, you may still line up, but your position in the line will not be as good as if you arrive early with the convenience of a ticket. As with any convention event that you want to attend, please be sure to prioritize it above other events and arrive early to the scheduled event.

• The autograph session will end on time every session. Please arrive early and take these steps to have a better chance at receiving an autograph for that session.

Ticket Room Rules
• The line for the ticket room will open downstairs in the AG room at 8 AM.

• Each member will enter the room and select a ticket line. There will be a line for every autograph session that day.

• After receiving a ticket, members will be directed outside the ticket room and allowed to line back up for a ticket until all tickets are distributed or
the room closes.

• The ticket room will close at 10 AM in order to start staging the autograph sessions for the day. If there are leftover tickets after 10 AM, they will be taken to the autograph staging area and given away there. Please ask an autograph member if there are still tickets available for sessions that day prior to 10 AM.

General Rules
• Many guests enjoy conversing with fans during Autograph sessions. Please keep your comments positive, punctual, and polite and be mindful of those waiting behind you.

• Photography will not be allowed during Autograph sessions.

• "Autograph Session" events are 'autograph' events, not 'drawing or sketching' events. Please refrain from requesting sketches or presenting the guest with a blank sheet of paper or traditional sign board (shikishi).

• Failure to comply with these rules may result in forfeiting your chance at an autograph.

• Please inform Guest Relations or Autographs Staff that you have a gift.

• Guests have the right to refuse gifts.

• Please do not present food, drink, or clothing to the guests.

• As always please be mindful of those waiting for their turn.

What can be signed?
• Typical items that can be signed are AnimeFest provided commemorative postcards, limited edition prints and posters, CDs, DVDs, BDs, Art Books, AnimeFest Program Book, AnimeFest member badge, and other official 2D merchandise.

• Guests have a right to decline to sign any item that they do not wish to sign. Please respect the guest’s wishes and have them autograph something else for you if this situation occurs.

• Bags, clothing, scrolls, and other fabric items can typically be signed as long as the item is not currently being worn, and can be placed flat on the table.

Autograph capacity and time limits.
• Autographs staff may reopen the line to non ticket holding members if the autograph line is moving fast. If you do not get a ticket and would still like to try for an autograph, the line will generally open about halfway through the autograph session if the Autograph staff believes there will be extra time at the end of the session.

• Please note that even making it to the line does not guarantee an autograph, but does give you a better chance at getting an autograph before the session ends.

• Autographs will end promptly at the session end time listed on the schedule.

• AnimeFest tries to work with the Guests in advance to prepare a small amount of pre-signed items that can be given to those who waited in line but were unable to get an autograph. We ask for your understanding and cooperation on these matters.

Please note that there may be exceptions to the aforementioned rules made based on special requests from the Guest.

Following these guidelines will help keep the line moving smoothly and enhance everyone’s experience.