AnimeFest 2022 AnimeFest Convention Jul 29th – Aug 01st 2022 Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Fan Video Contest

The Winners For the 2018 AMV Contest!

Editor: Nicole Parker
AMV: Champion

Runner Up
Editor: Erik Heckert
AMV: Tokyo Ghoul Survivor

Editor: shorisquared
AMV: Familiar

Runner Up
Editor: DAPSEpako
AMV: Destiny

Editor: Obsidian Zero
AMV: Manly Manly Models

Runner Up
Editor: TheDestineeAMV
AMV: A Dragon Like Me


Let the video producer inside you show off at this fan favorite event. Fans will compete for awards and prizes by submitting their music and parody videos.

Videos will be judged in three categories:

Best Comedy
Best Dramatic
Best Action

* All entries must be received by Thursday, July 5th. No exceptions!

* Your videos must be submitted on one of the following formats: directly emailed to, a link to download your video emailed to or a DVD/Blue Ray/Thumb Drive mailed to the mailing address below. All other formats must be specifically approved by the contest coordinator prior to submission otherwise your entry will be disqualified. (Note: 4shared, Sendspace, Mediafire, and links are common delivery methods) We do not accept entries that are just a link to a Youtube video.

* All entries must be CLEARLY labeled with your REAL name, email address, and phone number. If it is a group submission, please include the names and addresses of all members. (We will contact you to let you know we received your submission)

* Only three entries per person/group may be entered in the contest. If the submitted media contains more than three videos, the LABEL must CLEARLY indicate which videos are to be entered in the contest. If we can't figure it out, none of them will be entered!

* Traditionally, the Animefest AMV contest has considered Romantic and Character Study videos to be in the Dramatic category, and Dance videos to be in the Action category. That being said, we appreciate when you tell us what category in which you prefer your video to be judged.

* Each video must be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 7 minutes. These limits will be strictly enforced.

* Submission videos must be free of creator identification, including bumpers and credit rolls.

* AnimeFest reserves the right to show any submitted video(s) at any AnimeFest sponsored event until the end of time. Likewise, AnimeFest reserves the right to provide links to submitted vidoes or host them on our website and the AnimefestTV Youtube page. When hosting videos and links, the creators will always be given credit for their work.

* All discs/media entered become the property of AnimeFest and will not be returned.

* You do not have to attend to enter the contest to win. However, all winning persons/groups will receive an award plaque or medallion, but only members that attend the award ceremony will be eligible for prizes. In 2017, we were able to send our contest winners posters that had been signed by our guests, and we hope to be able to continue to offer prizes that have been personalized by the animators and directors at the convention.

* Only videos produced within the past two years are eligible.

* Videos cannot include subtitles from any licensed release. You're welcome to add your own subtitles or dubbing as you see fit.

* Videos and their music/dubbing must be suitable for viewing by a family audience. Adult content will not be permitted.

* Although it is highly unlikely if you adhere to all of the above rules, AnimeFest reserves the right to disqualify any video for any reason.

Submission Instructions

Please carefully re-read the rules above (really, we mean it, do it now please), and mail your submission to:

AnimeFest Fan Video Contest
c/o Mike Williams
12241 Cox Ln.
Dallas, TX 75244


Again, please note that entries MUST be received by July 5th to be included in the contest.

Please contact Mike Williams ( ) with any questions concerning this contest.