AnimeFest 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel August 14th – 17th 2020 Dallas, TX

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


  • DJ Miss CJ
  • DJ Sickone


  • MissKue


  • DJ Charlie Rocket
  • DJ Sterling BLK


DJ Miss CJ
Miss CJ has been part of the Dallas EDM and Music scene since she was 18 years old. She is a classically trained pianist and vocalist. Her passion for music and love for dance is what puts her in the limelight. Throughout the years CJ has played in multiple electronic bands and was a resident DJ at many venues in the Dallas/Ft Worth areas. She has been a huge support to the local scene and has toured throughout the US and Germany. In 2013, Miss CJ played her first Anime Convention called A-Kon. You probably have heard her play main stage over the last several years. In 2016, she was given the opportunity to play A-Fest. She threw down that dirty bass that she is known for and a ton of new Anime Remixes. Miss CJ is currently working on her music production with her partner DJ Sickone. Together they are in a group called "Basshead Society". They have thrown multiple music festivals and shows and they are always open to new talent. Please make sure to check out Basshead Society and for future events, music festivals, photos, and more.


DJ Sickone has been in the scene and DJing since 1995. He loves experimenting with dance music and tends to mix in original Hip-Hop, Rock, Rap, Anime Soundtracks, Gaming Soundtracks and more together to create a new sound. He is most comfortable when he's pushing the boundaries between two original beats from different genres to make his own live mashups on the fly. Throughout the years he has had multiple DJ residencies and throws two yearly music festivals in the DFW area, evaRLand Music Festivals (Spring) and Not Another Halloween Party (Fall). He is a huge supporter in the local scene and has been a mentor to many local DJ's. He loves to teach and is always looking for ways to give back to his community. In 2012, he was asked to play his very first Anime Convention called A-Kon and has been a resident DJ ever since. You have probably heard him play main stage on numerous occasions from 2013 until now in 2019. He was first asked to play A-Fest, with his partner Miss CJ, in 2017 and this will be their third year back. Together they are known as "Basshead Society". Get ready for him to take you on a music journey that you will never forget.

Check out DJ Sickone at and
Ms. Kue
Ms. Kue has been a DJ in the DFW Metroplex for 17 years, 15 of which have been spent in radio as an on-air personality and a mixer. Currently, you can listen to her show, On Heavy Rotation, on Saturdays from 4-8 p.m. on KNON 89.3 FM. On Heavy Rotation targets all generations by offering an eclectic mix of Cumbia, Tejano, Salsa, Latin Fusion, Latin Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop, Booty, Elctro House, Reggaetion, Funk and R&B Soul music.

In addition to her radio experience, Ms. Kue has hosted numerous festivals; you can catch her annually at The KNON Latin Energy Festival and Low Rider Carshows. Because Ms. Kue is musically versatile and capable of mixing a wide range of genres, she's been able to DJ in many top DFW venues as well as private events. To hear Ms. Kue's mixes, head over to


Dallas born and Dallas bred, the RNZO name has become synonymous with dance floor enthusiasts all over the region, making him the DJ that can take the standard ol’ party to a completely new level! Across electro, progressive and deep house vibes with a squeeze of trap, twerk and hip-hop, there is a new wave of explosive DJ tricks coming straight from the RNZO camp.

With almost a decade behind him, this musical charm has taken a passion for electronic music and beyond, delivering it hot every time and resonating with the likes of Laidback Luke, A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, Keys N Krates, Eskei83 and DJ Snake to get the idea. Behind the decks, it’s no surprise when the atmosphere changes that RNZO has taken to the control point, making a clear mark on party advocates while embracing the hottest, pioneering tunes of the present and past.

RNZO has taken to stages across the map, bringing him with an enviable array of tunes, showing just how the vibe needs to be handled. With guest spots at A-Fest, Project: A-Kon and SXSW Multimedia, there is no denying that the buzz exists when a beat is dropped and the crowd is moving. Holding up the party fort and keeping room for more in the music catalogue, RNZO has the track list on fire, each and every time.

Charlie Rocket

Enter the Madness that is Charlie Rocket. Possibly a time traveler, maybe just a DJ, nobody really knows for sure.

He came down from his spaceship to save the world with truth and love…or so they thought. Beginning his DJ career in Dallas, TX, he first began playing clubs in the local scene before deciding to take a different direction and forging his hand-made electric axe conveniently coined “the space guitar,” as both a means to bring light to the cyberpunk culture phenomenon and shake up the status quo. After producing several house tracks for the Norwegian label Housepital Records, he found himself playing massive shows such as the original Rave of Thrones at the Bomb Factory for over 3,000 people, followed immediately by the Black Tiger Sex Machine tour in Dallas. He then decided it was time for a change of scenery, packed his bags, and cruised up to Portland, OR where he would further his career to go on playing shows with heavy hitters such as Ray Volpe, Chime, and showing Portland what space surf dubstep is all about on the wing of an airplane... for the sold out first ever Turbulence! Party on a plane! Always one to multitask, he has also dabbled in show production and successfully co-founded 1F Entertainment to go on to being one of Portlands signature music collectives, as well as his own party brands Rocket Factory and local emo nite and Goth expo TRV$H Productions. When not putting on shows or tinkering in the workshop, he can be seen touring the PNW slaying crowds at multiple festivals and wildly outrageous sold out musical events. With anime being true to his heart and a long time con veteran, he always brings it back to his one true love by playing shows at his favorite anime conventions when he can. For his con performances, you can expect an eclectic blend of heavy metal bass music, original anime remixes, and Akihabara inspired Anisong mixes.

Come for the lights, stay for the music, jump in the Pit, Its Charlie Rocket

Sterling BLK

Boyblk, or Sterling Blk is a local Fort Worth DJ, formally known as Melee Max this Dj has been spinning for over ten years, and even though his DJ journey has been full of Hip-Hop Club sets, Classy Ar shows, and more he has never let go of his roots on the anime convention dance floor! Join boyblk for the Sunday Night Dance for his mix of House, Anime Bangers, and more!