AnimeFest 2021 AnimeFest in-person Convention December 17th – 19th 2021 Sheraton Dallas Hotel

2021 Virtual Telethon Guests

Kyle Herbert
Kyle Hebert
Voice Actor
Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Dragonball Z (adult Gohan and the Narrator), Wreck-It Ralph/Street Fighter (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Kakyoin), My Hero Academia (Fatgum) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina).

Kyle has appeared on many popular franchises as Pokémon, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Persona, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, and Fire Emblem.

He hosts a pop culture/multimedia news and reviews podcast (The Intergalactic Boom Box) with a comedic slant, where he interacts with his own original characters.

Kyle also streams games and AMAs weekly on Twitch (gohanwithyourownbadself).

Chris Wehkamp
Voice Actor
Christopher Wehkamp brings characters to life in anime and video games for studios like FUNimation Entertainment, Rooster Teeth Entertainment, Gearbox Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Big Fish Games, Robot Games and more. His popular anime roles include Shota 'Eraserhead' Aizawa (My Hero Academia), Takehisa Hinawa (Fire Force), Clover (RWBY), Majora (Dragon Ball Super), Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney), Susumu Kodai (Star Blazers 2199), Solid Silva (Black Clover), Bastille (One Piece), Zed O'Brien (Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond), Kisho Arima and Tatara (Tokyo Ghoul), Ren Akatsuki and Mest Gryder (Fairy Tail), Mori Ougai (Meiji Tokyo Renka), Master (Kakuriyo - Bed & Breakfast for Spirits), Alexis Leskinen (Steins;Gate 0), Shinji Mikuni (City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eye), Phil (Attack on Titan), Shingo Shoji (Initial D Legend 2: Racer), Kiri Putin (Chronos Ruler), Bruno (The Royal Tutor), Sekizan (ALL OUT!!) and Tenka Kumo (Laughing Under The Clouds).

Christopher's video game credits include Katagawa Jr ("Borderlands 3" Gearbox Games), Cutting Edge Ullr, Sun Wukong Infinite Shift and Trickster Loki ("SMITE" Hi-Rez Studios), Gordo the Beaver and Bartles the Frog ("Ready, Set Heroes" Robot Games) and Julien and The Hunchback ("Chimeras: Blinding Love" Big Fish Games).

He is also a partnered Twitch streamer who plays games and interacts with his community live on stream Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights!

Follow Christopher on his voice acting and live streaming journey:

Amelie Belcher
Award Winning Artist, Painter, Comic Creator
Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator and pod cast host.

Known for her comedy based art education presentations, she has travelled the world teaching thousands of budding artists the secrets to starting their own journeys down the path to artistic expression with an eye geared toward Anime and Manga styled creations. She is known for her web comics, “Bounty Haunters” and “The Real-Life Adventures Of Ami Chan”. You can read her work on her website

Amelie is also known for her latest artistic adventures including an ongoing series of fine art watercolor and gouache paintings dedicated to the one and only Jeff Goldblum she calls “The Gold Bloomery”. More recently, she has also begun combining a life long passion for painting and theme parks. Follow along with her as she paints her way across the wide world of parks on her instagram ipaintparks.

She and her husband, Levi Castello, also host the popular pod cast “Laser Discotheque”, a show about watching movies on the least convenient format ever produced…Laserdiscs. You can give a listen on the pod catcher of your choice or visit the website at

Amelie has appeared at AnimeFest many times and is always a joy.

Follow Amelie on Twitch at:

Wonderlust RPG
Twitch Streamer, gamer and Jazz musician
WonderlustRPG is a Affiliate and variety streamer. Based out of DFW, Texas Wonderlust creates a vast interactive twitch experience for his viewers with Live Dungeons and Dragons games, Live Jazz concerts, Retro RPGs, Viewer controlled Skyrim, and Battle Map creation for online Virtual Table Tops like Foundry and Roll20. He strives to offer a channel that gives his viewers, followers, and subscribers interesting and unique ways to interact and affect gameplay.

Join him as he wanders through Skyrim playing your favorite D&D classes. Find fun ways to interact with the stream, hidden Easter eggs, and channel surprises ~ type !magic in chat to accept your quest!

Go send him a follow and learn more about WonderlustRPG @

Jezebel Belladonna
VTube Studio
Working full time as a magician’s assistant by day and a variety streamer on twitch by night, Jezebel Belladonna, is an Australian vtuber!

Jezebel says "I like to have fun and play all sorts of games while relaxing with my chat. "

See Jezebel Belladonna on Twitch @

Jezebel: Behind the Curtain - A Q&A about vtubers
Curious about how to go from being 3D to 2D? This Q&A panel covers questions and information about the world of vtubers, livestreamers that use virtual avatars and taking the internet by storm

BL Garden
BL Garden of DFW icon
BL Garden of DFW is a group of dedicated fujoshi influencers who reach fans all around the world through their podcasts, panels, and BL research. They currently host 3 BL-centric podcasts–The 8OH1, The 8OH1 Reviewed, and Hey, Fujoshiman–and are the founders and hosts of FujoCon, the only BL convention in the United States. When not painstakingly cataloging bishies for research, the fujoshi of BL Garden of DFW can be found at the nearest boba tea cafe, playing BL card games and fighting over sports anime ships.

@blgardendfw on Twitter & Instagram