World Fandom August 12th 2022
AnimeFest is a non-profit fan-run organization. We rely on volunteers to not only staff necessary functions like Registration and Video Theaters, but also to run panels, workshops, and creative activities. This page contains details on how to volunteer to run a panel.

Please do not use this page to submit ideas for panels or workshops you want to attend.
This is the place to submit panels you (and possibly others) want to run. Use Facebook or other social media sites to try to convince others to run a panel.

Only 4 badges will be provided per group, per panel.

The panel submission cut off date is June 10, 2022.

1. Submission of Your Panel

Please read these instructions carefully before you Submit and Manage your Panels

You will need to complete a submission form for each panel/workshop. Please provide the title, description, anticipated panelists, duration and necessary audio and visual equipment for your submission. We recommend scheduling at least 15 minutes at the end of your panel for questions and wrap up.

Each panelist will need an AnimeFest account and should be identified in your panel submission. Creating accounts is free and easy!

Panelists should check and update their accounts to make sure the contact and date of birth information is correct for security reasons. We understand availability from planned participants may change. Please email if you need to make any changes to your submission after you have submitted the form.

The AnimeFest 2022 convention will begin on Friday, July 29th and end on Monday, August 1st.

If you anticipate any potential scheduling conflicts, please let us know in the notes space in the form. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET YOUR PREFERRED TIME BLOCK.

2. Promote your Event

AnimeFest staff will make the final determination if your panel or workshop will be accepted and scheduled. Many factors will weigh on their decision, but an important part is for fellow AnimeFest members to "Vote" for your panel idea. Each submitted panel will have its own page on our site. You can share this page on social networks to encourage others to support your idea. Keep in mind that only current AnimeFest members (paid registrants) and staff can Vote for your panel. This ensures that no one can "stuff" the ballot.

3. Wait for Acceptance / Rejection

AnimeFest Panel staff will review your submisssion and decide if it is approved or rejected. Please read the reason your submission was rejected! Sometimes, suggestions are rejected because more detail is needed or the description needs editing for spelling and grammatical errors.

If there is no reason given for your rejection and your panel is rejected within the 2 months before the convention it is likely that there is no longer space on the schedule to accept your panel.

Acceptances will be finalized by Sunday, July 10th.

4. Badges

Badges will be provided for approved panels and workshops for up to 4 people per submission. Due to COVID-19 we would prefer to keep the number of panelists to at or below six participants.

1) If you have to miss your panel or workshop for any reason please let someone know on panels or workshop staff. There will be staff at the panels and workshop rooms as well as the Panels Office. During the convention we will try to check email as often as possible but please don't count on this as the main way to let us know.

Please let us know at least two hours in advance so we can make the proper cancellations and updates to the schedule.

2) If you miss your panel without letting a panel staff member at the Panels Office know about it, your badge will be turned off. In these cases you will need to seek out the Panels Manager, Jessica Grimaldo, or the Director of Programming, Cindy Trotman, to get your badge reactivated.

*Larger number of panelists will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. Prepare for your Panel

If your panel is accepted, you will need to spend time preparing. We encourage you to use visuals, like samples of your work or using a laptop to present slides. Tools like Google Apps Presenter, Prezi, MS PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote can go a long way towards making your panel look polished.

6. Pick up your badge

Participants for approved panels and workshops will receive a badge for up to 4 people per group. Badges should be picked up at Panels Office with photo ID at least two hours prior to your first scheduled time slot.

ALL Panelists will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the event. To find a testing site near you, click here in Texas or here for other states.

Please email if you require pick up arrangements. Your schedule can be found through your AnimeFest Account.

Check your submissions to make sure that all your participants have accounts and are correctly listed in your submission by Sunday, July 10th.

7. Run your Panel

Make sure that you keep track of when your panel is scheduled and show up on time.

Please arrive at your panel 10 minutes before it is scheduled to start. There will be members of our staff and Audio/Video crew on hand to make sure you have the equipment specified, but you must arrive early to give them time to help.

Our staff will also provide a 15 minute warning before the end of your time slot to allow you time for questions and to wrap up your panel.