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AnimeFest 2022 Guests

How to get an Autograph
Each morning a limited number of tickets are handed out for our daily planned autograph sessions. The location and times of the ticket handouts are listed in our Guidebook App. The tickets come in 2 types, group A: guarantees autographs and group B may get autographs if time allows. The tickets allow you to attend the autograph session and can go get an item signed free of charge. The guest will also have tables in the dealer room where you can purchase items that can be autographed at their table.
Due to a series of accidental events, five young men find themselves in the modern world, surrounded by things they’ve never encountered before.
However, they continue on their journey to accomplish each of their goals by turning to the marvel of the Internet.
Click here to submit your questions for the Luxiem Q&A panel! Deadline to submit is July 20.
Please note: This is an in-person panel and will not be live streamed. The members will be appearing virtually, but the panel itself is physical.

Marissa Lenti
Voice Actor
Marissa Lenti, best known as the voice of Moze (Borderlands 3), is a voice actress who you can also hear in anime roles like Malva (Pokémon Evolutions), Cocotte (Dragon Ball Super), Libra (Fairy Tail), Yuna (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear), Arue (Konosuba), Gray Wolf (Kemono Friends), Momoko Hyakushiki & Kuu (NANBAKA), Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers!), Mikado Ryoko & Marron (To Love Ru), Mistress Sadie (One Piece), Ilse Langnar (Attack on Titan: Junior High), and Atago & Z1 (Azur Lane), among others! They also appeared in many other video games, like Genshin Impact, Brawl Stars, SMITE, Yandere Simulator, HuniePop 2: Double Date, Freedom Planet 2, A Hat in Time, MechWarrior 5, My Tamagotchi Forever, and more.

This will be Marissa's first time attending AnimeFest!
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Molly Searcy
Molly Searcy
Voice Actor
Molly Searcy is a voice actor for Sentai Filmworks, FUNimation, and Sound Cadence. Her most
recognizable roles are Akame (Akame ga Kill! - Cartoon Network), Rory Mercury (GATE),
Centorea (Monster Musume), Isuzu Sento (Amagi Brilliant Park), and Mako Reizei (Girls und
Panzer). Molly loves her work and the opportunity to meet and chat with anime fans.--especially
at cons! When she's not in the booth, Molly can be found on stage. She is a Brierley Resident
Acting Company member at Dallas Theatre Center and recently earned her MFA in Acting from

This will be Molly's first time attending AnimeFest!
Ry McKeand
Ry McKeand
Voice Actor
Ry McKeand is a voice actor and Twitch streamer from Dallas. Growing up as a big fan of anime, video
games, and most things nerdy, Ry decided on wanting to become an actor in his mid-teens, going on to perform
theater throughout his time in college. Having gotten his start in voice acting through online forums at a young
age, he moved from South Florida to pursue his long time dream of becoming a professional voice actor at the
age of 20.
Ry has had the to privilege to have provided his voice to many different anime and video games, including
characters such from shows such as Miya Chinen in SK8 the Infinity, Shuichi Kagaya in Gleipnir, Rito Yuki in To
Love Ru, Pica in One Piece, Udo in Attack on Titan, Tyrrell in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions,
and more!
When Ry isn't acting, he's streaming over on his Twitch channel, where he plays video games and interacts
with his followers in all sorts of fun and goofy ways, or playing video games or watching anime in his spare

This will be Ry's first time attending AnimeFest!
Katelyn Barr
Katelyn Barr
Voice Actor
Katelyn Barr has been working in anime and video games since 2013. Her professional career began with Liliana in Log Horizon and has spanned a wide variety of popular series ever since. Currently, Katelyn is best known as the voice of Ryuko “Ryukyu” Tatsuma in My Hero Academia, Ophiuchus Shaina in Saint Seiya, Yami/Golden Darkness and Tearju Lunatique in To Love Ru, Baby 5 in One Piece, and Nikki Hanada in Dr. Stone. Some personal favorite roles of hers are Rim (The Dungeon of Black Company), Hina Hikawa (BanG Dream!), Shoukaku (Azur Lane), Ren Soma (Fruits Basket), Natsumi (Date-a-Live), and Imu (Senran Kagura).
In video games, she can be heard as Niyon from the Granblue Fantasy x Shadowverse universe, Sylma in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Melinda and various others in Borderlands 3, and several unlockable skins in SMITE.
Katelyn has also worked extensively as a scriptwriter for English dubs, with over 400 episodes of anime adapted to date. Some of the titles on her résumé include Black Clover, Akame ga KILL!, Haikyu!!, and many more.

Katelyn currently resides in Dallas, TX where she works full-time for Funimation, records projects from her home studio, plays drums, and collects Halloween décor.

This will be Katelyn's first time attending AnimeFest!
Dani Chambers
Dani Chambers
Voice Actor
Dani is best known for her roles as “Chise Hatori” in The Ancient Magus' Bride, “Mahoro Shimano” in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, “Rhyme" in The World Ends WIth You, “Nowa Sugaya” in My Dress-Up Darling and “Reina Aharen” in Aharen-san Is Indecipherable., Other animation credits include “Emilico” in Shadows House, “Raiha Uesugi” in The Quintessentia Quintuplets, “Kokoro Hasegawa” in Smile Down the Runway, and “Hina Satō” in The Day I Became a God, among many others.

This will be Dani's first time attending AnimeFest!

Jezebel Belladonna
Vtuber Twitch Streamer
“Welcome to the magic show! Be a good dove, or you’ll be in trouble~!”

Jezebel Belladonna, also known as Bel, is an Australian vtuber, magician’s assistant and variety twitch streamer.

She spends her days working full time, playing video games and occasionally breaking out a mic for karaoke or a tablet pen to draw. Jezebel has been streaming since December 2020 and enjoys sharing a wide variety of games and content; focusing on “what is fun” rather than being competitive. As a result, her streams are comfy and a chill place to hang out (unless a scary game is being played, then there’s usually lots of screaming).

Games such as Apex Legends, Horizon: Forbidden West and horror games are a staple for her streams.

Jezebel also enjoys integrating her magic skills into her streams, performing magic tricks for viewers. One day, she hopes she can perform a full magic show for everyone, but she’s still a magician’s assistant for now!

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Zane Dase
Vtuber Twitch Streamer
Zane is an Asian, Hong Kong Vtuber, English lecturer and variety streamer who mainly holds her streams in English. With a full time job, Zane started streaming in January of 2021.

Your typical Story-Rich RPG fan, she prides herself in voice acting different types of characters (for fun). Having played over 40 prominent Gacha game titles and keeping up with no less than 5 of them daily, Zane’s audience often questions: “Do you even sleep?” Name a gacha game, she’s probably tried it. With fluency and ability in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese, she tries gacha games in all different languages.

With a taste for the newest gacha games releases, Zane dives to try them on the release date for her audience so that she and everyone can have an idea of what it may be like before they decide to give it a try or not. If persuaded, she’ll fumble her way through more action-oriented games and scream at the slightest jumpscare.

Reoccurring titles that you may see on her stream are currently: Arknights, Blue Archive, Cookie Run Kingdom, Genshin Impact, Lost Ark.

Zane may seem like a normal English teacher, switching from her work clothes to her casual clothes depending on the company, but there’s a mysterious little secret around her. In the meantime, welcome to Zane’s class!

Are you ready to become her student?

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Joel McDonald
Voice Director
Joel McDonald has been working full time in VO as an actor, director, producer, and adaptive scriptwriter for over 15 years. He wrote the English scripts for Hunter x Hunter, directed shows like One Piece and Space Dandy, and can be heard as Takumi in Initial D, Minato in Sekirei, Aoyama in MHA, Zeref in Fairy Tail, and tons of others. A few years ago, Joel made the jump to video games and became the very first "VOverlord" at Gearbox Software, where he's directed Borderlands 3 and the subsequent DLCs, the recently released Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and some other super exciting stuff that's still under NDA. He's nice. Say hi.

This will be Joel's first time attending AnimeFest!

The Schmuck Squad
Parody Group
The Schmuck Squad is a fan-based abridged parody group consisting of a bunch of like-minded schmucks. Their two main channels, "The Schmuck Squad" and "Grimmjack" produces anime parodies, (also known as abridged series) and anitubing videos on YouTube, where they cover series like Goblin Slayer, Demon Slayer, Seven Deadly Sins, Akame Ga Kill, Haikyu!! and more.

The Following members will be attending Anime Fest: Grimmjack, TheDastails and Coffinjockey.

The links to all of their YouTube Videos, Streams, and Merch can be found at their website:

Apphia Yu
Voice Actor
Ayu is the founder of sakevisual, a visual novel group known for the award-winning Jisei games (available on consoles now!) and the otome games RE: Alistair++ and Backstage Pass. If voiceover's more your thing, you can catch Ayu's work as a voice actor in A Hat in Time (Hat Kid), GOSICK (Victorique), Assassination Classroom (Rio Nakamura), SSSS.GRIDMAN (Borr), Higurashi GOU (Rika Furude), RWBY (Young Lie Ren), Kantai Collection (Hibki), Food Wars (Berta and Cilla), Prince of Tennis II (Sasuke Sanada), Kemono Friends (Ezo Red Fox), One Piece (Young Ichiji), and others! Ayu has also directed the English dubs for Assassination Classroom, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (S1), The Quintessential Quintuplets, and SSSS.DYNAZENON.

Apphia has attended AnimeFest several times before, and is excited to be back digitally this year!
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Micah Solusod
Voice Actor
Micah Solusod is a professional voice actor, artist, and is extremely flammable. (Please do not test the last one.)

This rapscallion has lent his voice to a wide number of anime and video games titles since 2008.

He first gained attention for his breakout role as Soul in Soul Eater. Since then, he has gone on to voice many other characters such as Yuno in Black Clover, Yurio in Yuri!!! On ICE, Yuichiro in Seraph of the End, Akito in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, Yukine in Noragami, Touma in A Certain Magical Index, Coby in One Piece, Asano in Assassination Classroom, Kaidou in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Season 1), Kirill in DOUBLE DECKER - Doug & Kirill, Midnight in Fairy Tail, Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia, Eriol in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, Mizuki in Kamisama Kiss, Naohito in Fruits Basket, Victor Frankenstein in Code:Realize, Arata in ReLIFE, Kakeru in Orange, Ame in Wolf Children, Daru in She in Her Cat -Everything Flows-, Black/King of Despair in Blood Blockade Battlefront, Hakkai in Saiyuki Reload Blast, Bea in Space Dandy, Takizawa in Tokyo Ghoul, Su-won in Yona of the Dawn, and more!

Micah has attended AnimeFest several times before, and is excited to be back digitally this year!
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L.A.V.A. is when three prolific and acclaimed voice actors get together and
get real silly. Their shows, designed to supplant the traditional voice actor panels of the past, are high-energy, high quality, fan-friendly experiences! Performances and panels consist of several interchangeable segments that are constantly being updated. Games, giveaways, audience participation and limitless laughs create unforgettable convention memories for everyone!!

Max Mittelman
LAVA member, Voice Actor
Well known as the voice of Saitama in ONE-PUNCH MAN, Max Mittelman has also given life to other fan-favorite characters such as Ryuji in PERSONA 5, Arataki Itto in GENSHIN IMPACT, Plagg in MIRACULOUS LADYBUG, King in SEVEN DEADLY SINS, Sabito in DEMON SLAYER, and Atsushi in BUNGO STRAY DOGS.

Other notable projects include: FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE (Red XIII), BORDERLANDS 3 (Troy Calypso), FIRE EMBLEM (Leo, Gray, Kaden, Forrest, Gordin), HUNTERxHUNTER (Meruem), YOUR LIE IN APRIL (Kousei), BUGSNAX (Filbo Fiddlepie), KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 (Luxu), BORUTO (Konohamaru), Matsumoto (VIVY: FLUORITE EYE’S SONG), MOB PSYCHO 100 (Ritsu), MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN (Harry Osborn), BEN 10 (Overflow), THUNDERCATS ROAR (Lion-O, Wilykat), FALLOUT 4 (Zeke), TRANSFORMERS (Blurr), JUSTICE LEAGUE: ACTION (Jimmy Olsen), STAR OCEAN 5 (Fidel), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Ara’lon, Prince Farondis), BORUTO (Konohamaru), SAO II (Jun), GUNDAM: THUNDERBOLT (Io), TALES OF BERSERIA (Shigure), ATELIER: ESCHA & LOGY (Logy).

He is a proud founding member of the comedy and gaming troupe Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying (LAVA), which he shares with fellow actors Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond.

Twitter & IG: @maxmittelman

Robbie Daymond
LAVA member, Voice Actor
Robbie Daymond is an LA-based voice-actor & performer best known on screen as Dorian Storm from the hit shows “Critical Role” & “Exandria

Unlimited”. As a voice actor, he has portrayed Spider-man/Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Assemble, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Prompto in Final Fantasy XV, Akechi in Persona 5, Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen, Sorey in Tales of Zestiria, Hubert in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Mori Jin in God of The High School, Kenshiro in Fist of the Lost Star: Lost Paradise, Minato in Re-main, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Kayn in League of Legends, Flect Turn in My Hero Academia, Jesse in Infinity Train, Shoya in A Silent Voice, Fret in Halo Infinite, Raymond in OK-KO, Mitsuki in Boruto, Professor Willow in Pokemon Go, Sway Sway in Breadwinners, Chrollo in HxH, Ikoma in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Akira in Battle Game in 5 Seconds, and Zhao in Yakuza 7.

Other projects include: Demon Slayer, Cells at Work, Brand New Animal, Cyberpunk 2077, Fate/Grand Order-Absolute Demonic Front:Babylonia, Kuroko's Basketball, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, FLCL Progressive, The Spyro Trilogy: Reignited, Digimon Adventures tri. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Attack on Titan, Star Wars Rebels, Horizon Zero Dawn, Young Justice, Casagrandes, 86,Death Stranding, Megalobox, Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Last Hope, Daemon X Machina, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Code Vein, Baki, Seven Deadly Sins, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, Oceanhorn 2, Bugsnax, Costume Quest, Naruto Shippuden, Skip Beat, Yashahime, The Rocketeer, Just Cause 4, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, Bungou Stray Dogs, Isekai Quartet, Cyborg 009, Nier Automata, Nier Replicant, Fate/Stay Night: UBW, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Anthem, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Rugrats, Do, Re, & Mi, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Judgement, Shining Resonance Refrain, Sword Art Online 2, K, Durararax2, Lupin the 3rd, Aldnoah Zero, Fire Emblem: Echoes, State of Decay 2, Wario Ware Gold, Occultic Nine, Onmyoji, Ghost of Tsushima, World of Warcraft, Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, Thunbercars Roar!, Your Lie in April, Sound! Euphonium the Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New Day, Glitter Force, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad, Shenmue III, Get Blake, Godzilla, Stillwater, Barbie: Starlight Adventures, Carmen San Diego, Transformers: Rescue Bots, Tom & Jerry, Naruto the Last, Patema Inverted, Gundam the Origin III, Archibald’s Next Big Thing, TerraforMARS, Strange Magic, FF Type-0, Star Wars: TOR, The Division, Lego The Force Awakens, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Lego Movie VG, Technomancer, Trials of Cold Steel II, Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, Masquerada, Akiba’s Beat, Atelier Sophie, Stella Glow, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Skyforge, Forbidden Magna, Etrian Odyssey Untold II, Fairy Fencer F & many many more!

Robbie also makes up 1/3 of the pop-culture improv comedy troupe,
“Loud, Annoying & Very Annoying” aka: “L.A.V.A”.

Social Media & Websites:

Ray Chase
LAVA member, Voice Actor
Ray Chase is perhaps best known as Sukuna in JUJUTSU KAISEN, Tengen Uzui in DEMON SLAYER, Noctis in FINAL FANTASY XV, Nier from NIER: REPLICANT, Eve from NIER: AUTOMATA, Alphen from TALES OF ARISE, Bruno Bucciarati on JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, Roy from FIRE EMBLEM, the Master of Masters from KINGDOM HEARTS, and his most celebrated dual role as the Subway Announcer and Mara in PERSONA 5. Other roles include Gabriel from MALIGNANT, Karamatsu from OSOMATSU-SAN, Artorius from TALES OF BERSERIA, Roy/Gaius/Alphonse/Fernand from FIRE EMBLEM HEROES, Almond Cookie from COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM, and Mitsurugi from SOUL CALIBUR VI. He’s also made appearances in RESIDENT EVIL: INFINITE DARKNESS, SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE, BORDERLANDS 3, and hundreds more. His anime roles include Gendo Ikari in NEON GENESIS: EVANGELION, Roswaal in RE:ZERO, Keith Flick in B: THE BEGINNING, Fyodor Dostoyevsky in BUNGOU STRAY DOGS, Puri Puri Prisoner in ONE PUNCH MAN, Yuu Otosaka in CHARLOTTE, Howzer in SEVEN DEADLY SINS, as well as joining the casts of ATTACK ON TITAN, YOUR NAME, BERSERK, MOB PSYCHO 100, GUNDAM: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS, BLUE EXORCIST, FAIRY TAIL, and many others!

He is a proud founding member of the comedy troupe Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying (LAVA), which he shares with fellow actors Max MIttelman and Robbie Daymond.

Amelie Belcher
Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator and pod cast host.

Known for her comedy based art education presentations, she has travelled the world teaching thousands of budding artists the secrets to starting their own journeys down the path to artistic expression with an eye geared toward Anime and Manga styled creations. She is known for her web comics, “Bounty Haunters” and “The Real-Life Adventures Of Ami Chan”. You can read her work on her website

Amelie is also known for her latest artistic adventures including an ongoing series of fine art watercolor and gouache paintings dedicated to the one and only Jeff Goldblum she calls “The Gold Bloomery”. More recently, she has also begun combining a life long passion for painting and theme parks. Follow along with her as she paints her way across the wide world of parks on her instagram ipaintparks.
She and her husband, Levi Castello, also host the popular pod cast “Laser Discotheque”, a show about watching movies on the least convenient format ever produced…Laserdiscs. You can give a listen on the pod catcher of your choice or visit the website at

Amelie has appeared at AnimeFest many times and is always a joy. Please join us in welcoming her back to AnimeFest again!

Shonuff Studio
Comics Studio
Shonuff! Studio consists of Co-Owners Halo Toons and Terry Parr, professional artists with 20+yrs experience in the fields of graphic design, comics & publishing.

Halo Toons is the colorist for Aerobicide and has colored other projects like Ninja Highschool for Antarctic press and El Peso hero. While not coloring comic books… she is drawing her own comics and loves to sketch live on Twitch. They are currently working on “Kitchen Witches”.

Halo and Terry have been collaborating for over 11 years and are also known as Shonuff Studio.

Terry Parr is a Korean American artist & writer currently living in Fort Worth. Terry is known for his comic/manga pin up style. His works can be seen on Ninja High School, Antarctic Press, Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout, Vampirella, Dusk Comics, El Peso Hero and TeeFury

AnimeFest 2022 Cosplay Judges

Kurgen has been cosplaying and attending conventions for over 17 years, and has won many awards for her costume creations and performances. What started as an interest in anime and its distinct art style led to learning how to sew and re-create the outfits of her favorite characters. Due to her knowledge of anime and product marketing, as well as her longevity in the fan community, she earned a full-time job in the anime industry.

Above all else, Kurgen loves seeing the creativity and passion that cosplayers bring to conventions (and the stage!), and is beyond excited to see everyone’s costumes this year!

Minute Made Cosplay
Minute Made Cosplay is a multi-award winning South Texas cosplayer that has been cosplaying since 2004 and entering competitions since 2006. They have also worked as staff for several conventions in Texas and always makes it a point to give back to the community that has given them so much love, support, and amazing friendships they've built over the years. Cosplay has been a huge staple in their life, being known for creating complex cosplays in short periods of time while not sacrificing attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. Minute Made's most notable works include Moon Moxxi from Borderlands, Saber from the Fate Series, and Falco from Star Fox.

sE7eN swell cosplay
Known as sE7eN swell cosplay, Adriana Akiyama is an Austin based cosplayer, streamer, and filmmaker.

As a second generation cosplayer, she loves watching the community and crafting techniques grow and flourish as time goes on. She specializes in gravity defying wig styling, costume sewing, re-creation & fabrication, and has won awards over the years for both her craftsmanship and stage performance. Adriana is no stranger to the spotlight, and has even been invited by her favorite band Coldplay to join them on stage for her cosplay talents! She and her family have traveled all over North America to attend conventions, and she has honed her craft along the way. She is also a proud advocate for the awareness and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the cosplay and convention community.

Adriana is happy to be a part of AnimeFest and is looking forward to everyone’s submissions!

Her adventures can be found on: