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Apphia Yu

Voice Actor

Ayu is the founder of sakevisual, a visual novel group known for the award-winning Jisei games (available on consoles now!) and the otome games RE: Alistair++ and Backstage Pass. If voiceover's more your thing, you can catch Ayu's work as a voice actor in A Hat in Time (Hat Kid), GOSICK (Victorique), Assassination Classroom (Rio Nakamura), SSSS.GRIDMAN (Borr), Higurashi GOU (Rika Furude), RWBY (Young Lie Ren), Kantai Collection (Hibki), Food Wars (Berta and Cilla), Prince of Tennis II (Sasuke Sanada), Kemono Friends (Ezo Red Fox), One Piece (Young Ichiji), and others! Ayu has also directed the English dubs for Assassination Classroom, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (S1), The Quintessential Quintuplets, and SSSS.DYNAZENON.

Ayu loves tea, books, food history, and TTRPGs. When not busy dabbling in any one of those, she works as writer and colorist, and co-runs indie art circle Painapple Studio with her husband.

Visual Novels:
Twitter: @soymilkpudding or @hellopainapple.